Disciples of Dreypa September 2014


Disciples of Dreypa September 2014

So, first off, sorry about the severity of how late this is. I’ve been really tied up for the last two weeks and I swear I’ll make it up to all of you, but college has to come first, and for that I’m sorry to you all for leaving those who review these reports ill-informed. To the battleteam members, I have been distant and uncommunicative recently, and I’m sorry about that too, I’ll try to be in contact with you more as October progresses and we will have some fun.

For now, this is mostly a status report for last month, so let’s get to it.

Monthly Perspective

Prior to my small hiatus, I had noticed that many members had been getting ready for the return to classes and activity suffered a decline. A lot of people who were hopefully enjoying themselves seemed to have moved on to other things for the time being, and I hope to see them again sometime in the near future. Some members, however, have been tinkering away although busy, which is admirable and hopefully means they are having fun.

While this is a setback, I do have some good news. Kul’tak Drol, if you didn’t know, has recently rejoined the battleteam. He had been gone for a little while, but it’s good to see someone coming back.

Also, while it is a little sad, Ophelia has left our house for House Tarentum. While she is not in Ajunta Pall anymore, she is still technicaly our BTS, so that’s just fine for us. I’d just like to say good luck in the new house Ophi, I’m sure you’ll be as helpful to your new home as you were here (to clarify, you are very helpful).


Everyone please welcome Dal’Me Rit, our newest member.

Awards and Accomplishments

*Please note that these are only from August 21 until September 20, this is still only for the September report. All A&A from September 21 will be included in the October report.

PRT Azmodius Megalex – Promoted to Acolyte, Promoted to Protector

PRT Hazah – 1 Dark Cross

Talen-Rohad – Promoted to Novice


From my administrative panel, I can see everyone is busy, and that’s fine. Its none of my business to disturb and distract people from their work, but I’ll leave this as a small reminder: If you want to keep a spot here in Ajunta Pall, just login in every so often and you won’t lose prestige or find yourself a rouge.

Oh, I had also said that there were two competitions in the making for the whole clan. While one was unfortunately shot down, the other has a solid chance of becoming a new competition, I just have to edit and reword it with Taranae, whom will be a Co-organizer once we talk things over.

Until next time guys, thanks for sticking with us.

Question...how can someone who has transferred to a different house remain a BTS in another house?

probably hasn't been updated yet.

good report

Thanks Brim, I'm going off my roster for the time being, and it says that Ophelia is still the BTS.

I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

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