DJB Gaming Report #26


DJB Gaming Report #26

In this report you'll find GMRG Results, information on DJB Guilds, Clans, and Groups, a new JA server added to our list, Star Wars Commander information, and Destiny as a new Tier 2 Gaming Platform!

You probably also noticed I've changed the title of my report from Fist Report to DJB Gaming. Calling this a "Fist Report" doesn't really tell guests or potential members visiting the site anything about the contents, so in the spirit of more accurate information I've changed the titling.

3rd Quarter GMRG

Once again the Clusters for the previous quarter were calculated a new round of Dark Council Guardmen was ushered into the Dark Hall to receive their new accessories. As you can see from the CF totals below, competition this quarter was more fierce than the first. Keep it up gamers! Get that loot!

  • Turel Sorenn of Clan Arcona with 1997 CFs (Guarding Muz)
  • Sight Nortorshin of Clan Arcona with 1696 CFs (Guarding Pravus)
  • Mirus Hi'ija of the Dark Council Staff with 829 CFs (Guarding Valhavoc)
  • Valhavoc of the Dark Council with 468 CFs (Guarding Mav)
  • Teylas Ramar of Clan Plagueis with 387 CFs (Guarding Aabsdu)
  • Darth Pravus of the Dark Council with 364 CFs (Guarding James)
  • Selika Roh of Clan Plagueis with 337 CFs (Guarding Dacien)
  • Kell Palpatine Dante of House Scholae Palatinae with 245 CFs (Guarding Taigikori)
  • Montressor of the Dark Council Staff with 203 CFs (Guarding Socorra)

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Guilds, Clans, and Groups

In my past few reports and news posts I've been tossing alot of information out around different Clans or Squads people can join. However, News Posts aren't really a great lasting source of information that can be easily searched out. Earlier today I updated the Gaming Information Wiki to include a list of our current Groups on all gaming platforms that I was tracking on. Each platform has a brief description of how to join said group as well.

My hope is that this serves as a tool for both new and old members to reference if they want to see what games the DB has a presence in. The Gaming Information Wiki link is included at the bottom of every one of my reports. So it won't just disappear when I'm not dedicating a section of my report to it next month.

Another JA Server added

Many of you who have been playing JA throughout Fading Light 3 are already aware of Turel's JA Server. Its now been added to the Gaming Server wiki to enable folks to find the server information with greater ease. Be sure to thank Turel for maintaining this server!

Star Wars Commander, Campaign Incoming

With the most recent update to this game it was also announced that a new Campaign, Death Troopers, will be coming on/around Halloween! Start banking those Credits folks, might want to have some ready to plunge into units to wrap this Campaign up for whatever new Unit you can get from it!

As with the previous two Campaigns, expect a Competition and some CFs based on how far you make it into the Campaign. More to follow once we know a launch date for the Campaign.

Destiny Tier 2 Gaming Platform

The results are in from the ~6 week competition on Destiny. A staggering 224 gaming activities were submitted to the competition by 10 members of the Club, compare this to when Star Conflict was added as a Platform and we saw 17 activities by 6 members. Destiny will be coming online as a Tier 2 Platform.

Esca and Ernordeth took it upon themselves to work up a full CF table for Destiny. After multiple discussions between the three of us, including comparisons of screenshots for mission completions and time to complete, we've worked out what we feel is a fair system for this platform. The following activities will be rewarded in game:

  • Raids with 2 or more members
  • Strikes with 2 or more members
  • Story missions with 2 or more members
  • Crucible (PVP) missions with 2 or more members
  • PoB for Characters which reach Level 20 (max 3)
  • PoB for Character to reach Maximum Light Level 30 (max 3) [Note: This requires a full set of Raid Gear, many components, and lots of time]
  • PoBs for Club Firsts

As I mentioned in the competition, to earn CFs from Destiny all members PSN ID or Xbox Live name must be listed on their dossiers. As with all platforms, we'll be watching this to ensure that the CF rewards are appropriately balanced.

October Gaming Competitions

Gaming Competition Results

Star Wars Commander: Escalation on Dandoran

  • 1st Place - GRD Ulfsark (16 Stars)
  • 2nd Place - OT Talon Drear (14 Stars)
  • 3rd Place - SW Kenath Zoron (13 Stars)
  • 4th Place - SWL Valhavoc (6 Stars)
  • 5th Place - DJK Armad (1 Star)

Monthly Mobile: Spider Man Unlimited

  • 1st Place - DEF Justin Wayne
  • 2nd Place - SW Kenath Zoron
  • 3rd Place - PAD Rangel


  • 1st Place - OT Turel Sorenn
  • 2nd Place - SW Ernordeth Puer-Irae
  • 3rd Place - OP Arcia Cortel

GMRG September Gorefest

  • 1st Place - DJK Orion Aries Rial
  • 2nd Place - OT Turel Sorenn
  • 3rd Place - KP Sight Notorshin

Pendants of Blood

Since we've currently got Nova on the line I'm not going to be awarding Pendants of Blood during the Fading Light 3 Event. PoBs will resume on 02Nov2014. However, here's the results from the weeks leading up to it:

  • 28Sep2014 - 11Oct2014: SWL Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj of Clan Arcona, PVP Score of 45.43 (93 Matches Played, 65 Matches Won)

Awesome report Val! I'm so excited Destiny is now live!

Whoo hoo Destiny!!!

and so our Destiny has arived

Happy to see Destiny added as a platform!


Awesome report, Val!

I so want these Death troopers, they look amazing!

Nice Val! Expect to see a lot of Destiny from this guy. ;P

I have a countdown in SW: Commander now for the new campaign. Starts in 2 days and 3 hours (it started early for me last time, whether this was an android or NZ thing, I'm not sure.

fun times

Countdown recently showed up for me as well for "The Sickness". Competition will be created in the next day or two.

The new commander campaign isn't available on the pc version of the game and they just finished one where you get bazooka troopers

That was the first campaign.

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