DoB Communiqué : You are all awesome!


DoB Communiqué : You are all awesome!

Greetings to the Awesome Members of DoB,

I am glad to present the latest communique with the shine of your all awesomeness, my fellow DoB members. After we strifed, do the best we could, finally you all brought the team to highest ladder in the Rise of Force Ascendant. I am really proud of you all as each of you have strengthened the pillars of the DoB.

The Force Ascendant - the Aftermath

The Rise of the Force Ascendant set of events has completed. It was a big clan wide and fortuitously we could share, playing our parts in there. Some of us do all things such as our awesome BTS, Edgar, did all 13 events and Seridan, did 9 events. I missed 1 event because tbh, I misinterpreted the details, which was my mistake that I would never do that again. However, the main part is our volition, to share our time, to do our best is the thing to be appreciated. And I fully appreciate your works - eventhough you were only able to join in some events, because real life always comes first - that is your spirit to keep your awesomeness!

After the events, it is the time to review, and I would like to ask your opinion regarding the Force Ascendants events, and the other events as general. Some of you have discussed directly to me, but if you have more ideas or opinions, just write me. Tell me your brights awesome ideas, critiques and, and perhaps we can make them come into fruitition. Just speak up, we won't know what you have in mind - which I am sure they are all awesome ideas - if you won't put it into words. So let's discuss about it, for the betterness of the DoB, our House, our Clan or maybe the DB as general.

Urgent Competitions to Join

There are several clan wide competitions that urgent to join in :

Odan-Urr Anniversary: Gift Giving!, end date Dec 1.

Odan-Urr Anniversary: Five Years..., end date Dec 1

Odan-Urr Anniversary: Clusterfest(ival)!, end date Dec 1

Odan-Urr Anniversary: Good Food, Good Times!, end date Dec 1

And the comedy series Edgar sets me to play with :P

Odan-Urr's Comedy Series - Gresee Pazaak Fiction, end date Dec 5.

Odan-Urr's Comedy Series - Gresee Pazaak Facts, end date Dec 5

Odan-Urr's Comedy Event - Greesee Pazaak Meme, end date Dec 5

I will myself try mybest in those competitions, especially the anniversary until the last minutes ;).

And oh.. we have COU Trivia, twice a month. Be there if you can. It will be fun!

Arrival and Departure

We have a new awesome member to add in our Disciples, please give a warm welcome to Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens. He has transfered from Hoth to join our team and share his bright awesomeness. Again, welcome Sera!

On the other hand, Xantros, our awesome Duro writer, has to depart to Strike Team Ooroo as he has a mandate there to follow. See you around, Xantros! Always shine your awesomeness anywhere you go!


Up to today,

Vanguard Aerwin Tribwell, receiving the title of Councillor of Urr, 1x Seal of Loyalty, 1x CrA, winning the Secret of the Chamber in the Force Ascendant. Marvelous!

Ranger Xantros, before departing, receiving 1x Seal of Loyalty, 3x CrA, 1x CrS, 1x CrE, 23 CoI, , winning the Stand as One in the Force Ascendant (as also participating in other 6 respective events), passing ACC combat studies, Jedi Order Core, Gray Jedi Order Core, Sith Order Core exams and earning Dark Maven, Philosophy. Fabulous!

Peacekeeper Seridan Brehevik, receiving 1x Seal of Loyalty, 3x CoI, 2x CrA, 3x CrS, 2x CrE, 1x AC, 2nd in Secret of the Chamber, 1st in Shoulder to shoulder,3rd in Raise the Banner, 2nd in Stand as One, 3rd in Broken Transmission, 2nd in Treason!, and 3rd place in the overal placement of Force Ascendant events (participating in total 9 events), and finally... being promoted to Ranger! Wondrous! Congratulations Seridan!

Peacekeeper Lu`aisha Gresee, receiving 1x Seal of Loyalty, 45x CoF, 2x CrD, 1x CrR, 6x CrA, 5x CoI, 1x LSS, 1st in Temple Escape!, 1st in Mapping the way, 2nd in Trials of the Orders PVP, 1st in Raise the Banner, 1st in Stand as One, 1st in Unforeseen Hazards, and 1st place in overal placement of Force Ascentant events (participating in total 12 events) and being promoted to Ranger. I am very honored. Thank you very much to all of you. Work harder, Gresee!

Mystic Edgar Drachen, receiving 153x CoE, 905x CoF, 1x CrD,5x CrA, 1x CrR, 1x Seal of Loyalty, 9x CoI, 1x SC, 2nd in A light in the Dark, 1st in Stand as One, 1st in Trials of the Order (participating in 13 total events in the Force Ascendant), passing gaming 102: Fist-o-matic exam. Tremendeous!

Padawan Destin Oceanfel, receiving 1x Seal of Loyalty, participating in the Force Ascendant. Keep it up to shine your awesomeness brighter! Miraculous!

Private Harold Iode, receiving 1x Seal of Loyatly, 47x CoF, 52x CoE, 1 CrA, being promoted from Private to Sergeant and then to Lieutenant! Fantabulous!

Pillars of the DOB

This month powerfull pillar of the DoB is Seridan as he'll get a platinum brick of pillar to collect! And the golden Pillar of the DoB is Edgar! Keep up your awesomeness!

Sergeant's Wing

Dear Disciples of Baas,

Our Esteems BTL has given me this opportunity to say a few words and I promise I will be brief. first and foremost congratulations to us all for dominating the recent Clan comp and Congratulations must go to again our BTL Lu'ashia Gresee for winning the entire thing! I'm so very proud of all of all of us! To Celebrate our BTL (or punish depending on how you look at it) I have created 3 Comedy Comps for us all to have some fun with(see comp listings below). Please help celebrate our Victory but having some fun with our BTL.

The Second piece of news is that SW: Battlefront releases on PS4, Xbox and PC to everyone. I personally will be playing on the PS4 that hopefully should arrive on launch day. So if your going to be playing on any of those systems hit me up and I can set a time to group with you for clusters or point you to a group of DJB'ers on your system of choice.

So as I said this will be brief so Congratulations again to us all and join in on the Comedy Action as well!

Mystic Edgar Drachen

The Current Roster

PIN Rank Order/Path Name

10057 Vanguard Jedi, Light Path Aerwin Tribwell

146 Vanguard Jedi, Light Path Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens

13767 Ranger Jedi, Light Path Seridan Brehevik

13090 Ranger Jedi, Light Path Lu`aisha Gresee

7377 Knight Jedi, Light Path Droveth Kathera Vectivi

13831 Mystic Gray Jedi, Light Path Edgar Drachen

14290 Padawan Jedi, Light Path Destin Oceanfel

14377 Lieutenant Loyalist, Gray Path Harold Iode

Wrapping Up

Disciples of Bass. You are all awesome. Serve and Improve. Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.

*Odan-Urr Anniversary: 2015. Less than one day left.

I will add this with DOB Communiqué : Insight right after this which is entertained with images. I have to split this communiqué because of RL work has called. Stay tuned.

May the Force be with us all,

Ranger Lu`aisha Gresee

Woot DoB report! Awesome work DoB! Welcome Sera and sorry to see you go Xandros :(...


Nice report. Good work Baas!

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