Doing All the Things


Doing All the Things

Flies in the Ointment

NSD Preeminence

Combat Information Center

Dossiers, diagrams, and schematics filled the screens around the CIC. All the intelligence that the Brotherhood had on Hyperdyne Industries, as well as some that Kz’set had extracted from the Extranet, covered every monitor. In the middle of it all, the Verpine Right Wing and his deputy studied them all, trying to plot a strategy. Corporate politics, at least those of non-Verpine companies had always baffled Kz’set. Distinguishing the real decision makers from the functionaries and lackies was always tricky but Kz’set enjoyed a challenge.

“And I thought ancient Sith power structures were difficult to unravel.” Callus said with a sigh. The Epicanthix was clearly overwhelmed by all the information. “Who exactly do we need to kill to get our foot in the door.”

Kz’set shook his head, “Blunt force alone isn’t the answer here. In fact, it might create a bigger problem. No, the key is finding the right person, destroying their reputation, and then making them disappear. Besides, a corpse tells you nothing, a captive begging for a chance at life says far more.”

Callus didn’t quite understand, but nodded anyway. “Anyone in mind?”

Kz’set’s spindly fingers worked over the console, pulling up a dossier of an older human woman who’s dossier lister her as head of the R&D department. “Her. President Zexx trusts her to a fault. Destroying that trust would turn the company on itself. Chaos breeds opportunity, especially for people like us.

Callus’ brow furled. “Sounds like something that would take a long time. Surely Teylas’ minions would just shoot her and be done with it.”

Kz’set simply grinned. “Falls can be quick if the push is hard enough. Prepare an infiltration team, a small one, and some commando droids. I have work to do.”


Oridin City, Fondor

Knor was very rarely nervous when he went to meet a potential contact. Several years of service with the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Service had taught the middle aged Bothan that dealing with shady people in shadier places was all a part of the norm. But something was different about this contact. Knor hadn’t even met the man yet and for some reason, his fur was standing on end and it wasn’t just from the steam. Whoever this person was his handlers had insisted he meet, he definately didn’t want to be noticed. Choosing to meet in an undeground steam tunnel, at night, alone, all signs of someone who didn’t want to be seen.

As Knor rounded a bend in the tunnel that was partially shut down for service, he spotted a hooded figure at the edge of his vision.

“Good, you came, and on time. Not what I normally expect from your kind.” The hooded man said, clearly through a breath mask. He could spot a pair of blasters hanging from the mans hips and a rifle slung over his shoulder.

“You’ve been dealing with the wrong sorts then.” Knor replied. “Hooded, mask, big guns, you must be Karn.”

The hooded man nodded. “Indeed, though I prefer Arden.”

Wanting to get straight to the point so he could get out of these tunnels, Knor stated, “I’m told you have information for us?”

“I’m told you’re investigating the disappearance of a task force over Ord Pardon.” The hooded man replied.

The Bothan perked his ears up at the mention. “Task Force Apex’s disappearance isn’t exactly common knowledge. I’m not even sure the Senate has been briefed. You have a lead?”

“I might.” The man said as he reached into his cloak. “Did you bring what I requested?”

The agent nodded and produced a datacard. “Our entire file on Xander Drax. Don’t know what your interest is in him though.”

“That’s my business, and it’s the sort you don’t want any part of.” Karn replied. “As for your missing task force, I have information placing them in Allied Tion Sector at a base controlled by a company known as Hyperdyne Industries. It’s all here and verified.”

The hooded man promptly withdrew his hand from his cloak producing several datacards and offering them to the Bothan. The Bothan eyed them before accepting them and handing over the datacard with Drax’s file.

“The decryption key will be transmitted as agreed, once we verify these files. I have to admit, the Tion Sector, that’s a bit of a shock. Long way from Ord Pardon. How did...” The Bothan stopped abruptly, realizing what he was about to ask. Arden, for his part, answered anyway.

“I doubt you’d believe me if I told you.”

Do All The Things

Well if you didn’t already know our house is now immersed in a pitched clan feud against our rival house Ajunta Pall. Needless to say we are going to beat them but we need your help to do so! Incase you missed it here is a link to the Sphere of Influence competition. Everything you need to know is in this section. All of the upcoming events, the scoring system, and IMPORTANT background information regarding the event. So get out there and get going because as we all know winning is a lot better than losing, especially losing to those people across the hall. Though, on this note, I would like folks to e-mail us a list of what they’ve done so far and when they submit. I like to know what y’all are up to because, tracking and stuff.

I was hoping to have a bunch to say about how well we’re all doing in the ACC. Sadly, it seems I’m the only Muurian left, but I’m still pleased with your efforts. Brimstone in particular wrote a rather entertaining battle against Atyiru. Hopefully we can learn from this and get better in the future. Oh, and once I’m done with this tournament, I’ll happily help anyone out by taking a challenge or 5.

I’d like to take a moment and welcome our newest member Kelly Mendes and congratulate them on a well earned promotion to Novice! Also, welcome back to Shadowkind and Nariah. It’s good to have you back. In addition, some random guy named Braecen showed up to help, so welcome him in too Now you guys are settled in, go do ALL THE THINGS and get ALL THE POINTS!

Recognition Corner


DA Braecen Kaeth ( Amethyst x1 ) SW Maol Nor Lexu (Diamondx1)


SBM Kz’set: CoIx2, CoFx12 OE Callus: CoFx12

Moment of Zen and Musical Interlude

My latest music addiction has been, oddly enough, the “soundtrack” to Iron Man 3. I’ve used one track before and, honestly, I think it fits a certain character we might have just seen rather well. However, it was another track I think seemed appropriate for this feud and as a reminder of what this unit is really about. Because we’re all about when the Bad Guy wins.

Not being able to help it, I’m going to keep our Moment of Zen on the same theme. However, it will, like always, involve fuzzy animals...kinda. Enjoy Llamas with Hats

Buggin out!

~ SBM Kz’set (With some help, as always, from Callus)

Arden sneaking in the shadows. Wonder where he hid.

Good report.

I'm currently 6 for 6 in events

HAP shall reign supreme, you're going down Muurians!

Just a bit of good natured competitive ribbing for our friends on the other side of the fence. Now, where do you guys keep your goat mascot? What? It's not like I'm planning on kidnapping it and painting it in HAP colors...

Only I may tell people to do all the things! :P

Selika: In Brimstone's quarters. It's named "Admiral Blue Horns".

Howie: You do not own doing all the things. Not by a long shot =).

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