Ektrosis AED Report - "A Scandal in Archanis"


Ektrosis AED Report - "A Scandal in Archanis"


Halcy-poo is unavailable, likely tied up with some dastardly plan involving pandas and peanut butter. Your fearless and reliable Aedile, namely me, will handle this week's report instead!


  • There is a mini competition ongoing between Dinaari and Ektrosis for title of First House of the First Clan. See the competition section for details.

  • Howie earned himself a very nice shiny award - a Ruby Scepter, which is an award for mentorship and leadership. Howie perfectly fits the description of the award and he rightly earned it. If you want to read a textbook citation, scroll to Shad's.

  • A couple minor news items from the Fist (covering SWTOR expansion stuff) and the Herald (covering some possible goodies coming in the next few weeks).

  • Our Headmaster announced a new course in the Leadership portfolio. Our PCON, Yacks, helped the HM and his staff put together this Leadership Management course. Take it when you get the chance and point out all of Yacks' spelling errors.

  • Speaking of Yacks, he's put up a couple items about the new trailer being released for Star Wars VII as well as his staff's work on Social Media.


As I mentioned above, Dinaari and Ektrosis need to settle an age-old argument - which house is the best? Obviously it's Ektrosis, but apparently we need to have hard proof of that.

The main competition page can be found here, and the first week's event will be open on the 22nd and runs until the 29th. The sub-competition for week 1 is "Defend Your House!"

There are points for both placement AND participation, so everyone take a stab at this one! We have intentionally selected events that shouldn't take a long time to complete, so step up to the plate and defend our house's good name!

Aside from that comp, here are some of the other running competitions:

1 - Speed Sporcle Challenge #6 - Ends 2014/11/30 (Hosted by me!)

2 - May the Thanks be with you - Ends 2014/11/30 (Hosted by Yacks)

3 - @SWDJB: A Thanksgiving Tradition like no other.. - Ends 2014/11/30 (Hosted by Yacks)

4 - SWTOR: The Daily Grind - Ends 2014/11/30

5 - Star Wars Galactic Defense: Tatooine - Ends 2014/11/30

6 - Monthly Mobile Gaming: Turkey Chase - Ends 2014/11/30

7 - Not Thanksgiving, Not even Once - Ends 2014/12/02 (Hosted by Yacks)

8 - The Shadow of Revan - Ends 2014/12/02

9 - Don't Panic - Ends 2014/12/05 (Hosted by our very own Raistline)

10 - General Gaming: TIE Fighter - 2014/12/08

11 - (Darth) Names Are Important - Ends 2014/12/10

12 - Antei Contract Bureau - Ends 2014/12/14

13 - SWTOR, Shadow of Revan: Race to 60 - Ends 2014/12/31

Final Word

In honour of Howie's recent award, I leave you with the following quote: "DO ALL THE THINGS."


SW Kenath Zoron (Sith) / M:DGM-AED / House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

Go go Ekky! Also, I don't think Yacks did that much of the actual "writing" for that course. I believe it involved lots of yelling instead :P

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