Ektrosis AED Report - "The Adventure of the Red-Cloaked Order"


Ektrosis AED Report - "The Adventure of the Red-Cloaked Order"


Hellloooo. Halcy and I (and most of the Clan and Summit) have been busy over the holidays, so activity and reports have slowed to a bit of a trickle.

Apologies for that! Luckily for us, Rian just released a massive and comprehensive report so I'll point you in that direction for the majority of news.

The big stuff right now is that we have new blood! Welcome Kyber to the fold and wish him luck in surviving my mastership :P

Aside from that, there's a small thing called a Great Jedi War coming up ASAP, so make sure to read up on the backstory stuff when you get the chance - Rian has links on it in his report. I have to sit down and read through it after this set of shifts, so feel free to heckle me until I get it done too!

Final Word

I hope you all had good holidays for those who had the opportunity to enjoy them! Be sure to thank Sithi Claus for any little gifts you got :P


SW Kenath Zoron (Sith) / M:DGM-AED / House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

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