Ektrosis Aedile Report #7: Traitor Among Us


Ektrosis Aedile Report #7: Traitor Among Us

Taldryan Intelligence Directorate:


36 hours after the attack.

The dust is finally settling in Aegis Hall, the attack is over. Bobecc Varga is walking down a corridor, ears still ringing, he felt as if he was in shock. It's not the first time Bobecc has seen combat, it's not even the first time it was a surprise attack. This wasn't a battle, though, there was no fight, plain and simple this was a slaughter. A terrorist attack, completely out of the blue. It wasn’t even that Taldryan wasn’t prepared, they were betrayed. This traitor caused all of this death. 12 men died that day: 8 intelligence officers, 3 guards, and 1 cook. The poor guy was out of his element, he had nothing to do with this fight, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was there to deliver food to the guards on the late night shift, he was ready to clock out and see his family. Now, because of this son of a bitch traitor they’ll never see him again. Dasha will grow up without a father, all because someone wanted to make some extra credits. This was inexcusable, Bobecc had one thing on his mind: vengeance.

Bobecc kept walking, deaf from the rage he felt. He was on his way to find this traitor and nothing in his path was going to stop him. He had some leads Keirdagh had already assigned several members to the search, he was on his way to check in with them. The first person on his list was his commanding officer, and good friend Raistline. One of the only people more infuriated about the attack than Bobecc. Upon entering his office, Bobecc instantly noticed that Raist hadn’t slept since he heard the news. His office was in shambles, even more than usual. “Has anyone said anything?” Bobecc asked. “So far I have found out that 3 encrypted transmissions were sent from a public terminal within the Ektrosis Temple over the past two weeks. It was one of our own people Bobecc.” Raistline said devastated. “How could this happen? How did this happen under my watch?” Raist slumped into his chair. “Don’t you think this is your fault, don’t you think that for one second! You had nothing to do with this, there is now way you could have known. What matters now is that we find whoever’s responsible.” “I checked the holotapes, Bob. You’re not going to like what I saw.” “What was it? I need to know.” Bobecc demanded. “Captain Hedley, he made all 3 transmissions. We’re decrypting them as we speak, I’m waiting for an update. My main concern is that he has supporters, as I’m sure you know he’s the commander of his own SpecForce squad and this attack feels eerily familiar to his tactics. Now he could be set up which is why I’m waiting to move in-” “Who’s decrypting it?” Bobecc interrupted. “Braxis Reumar he has been at it for an hour now,” Raistline replied “I’m going to check in on him. Do we know where Captain Hedley is?” Bobecc asked. “He’s in the Mess Hall right now. If you’re going to check on the progress, I should go with you there is no sense in me staying here.” Raistline said.

The two stormed into the Intelligence building, it was still a mess. The cleanup crew couldn’t look more depressed. The looks on all of their faces haunted Bobecc, they had lost friends, brothers, colleagues. Rage filled Bobecc and Raistline alike. They entered the office and located Braxis. He looked up to see the two force users staring at his monitors. “I’m sorry sirs, but I haven’t finished decrypting the messages yet.” “Well, what do you have?” Raistline asked. “Well the third transmission appears to be a routing number, and I can tell that they were all sent to Orron III.” “That’s where Sphinxian Satellite Technologies is located at.” Said Raistline turning to Bobecc. Bobecc had already left, he was half way to the Mess Hall by now.

Bobecc walked into the crowded Mess Hall, lightsaber in hand, his thumb was struggling to not press the activator. Frantically searching for Captain Hedley looking all over the place. Bobecc turns around and sees that he has already passed him. Walking up to the Captain’s table, Bobecc is consumed with rage. Captain Hedley looks up and sees Bobecc, he knows he’s been caught. He stands up and draws his blaster. Bobecc’s activates his lightsaber before Captain Hedley can even stand up. “This is it, this is the end of the line traitor!” Bobecc roared. “You, you don’t understand” the Captain replied. “That is the only thing you are right about. I don’t understand, I can’t comprehend how you can betray your friends, how you can betray your brothers, how you can betray your Clan. There is no amount of talking that can ever explain that to me.” Bobecc shouted with spit flying out of his mouth across the Mess Hall. “Look I didn’t want to, I had no choice.” Hedley said. “You had a choice, you had an obligation not to. You failed, and 12 innocent men died because of that. Their blood is on you.” Hedley knew Bobecc wasn’t going to allow him to escape, he knew he had no shot, he was as hopeless as the families he had destroyed. He jumped out of his seat and grabbed a Sergeant at the table next to him and took him, hostage. Bobecc stepped closer “I see you’re a traitor and a coward! You are a disgrace Hedley, not a Captain, not even a soldier, you – are – a – disgrace!” Bobecc yelled. “I don’t care what you have to say, but here is what you need to know; if you take one step closer I’m going to kill him. His blood will be on your hands.” Hedley started to walk backwards, Bobecc stood his ground. “Who’s the coward now?” Hedley asked walking further away. Hedley saw a flash of purple and fell to the ground writhing in pain. What Bobecc knew that Hedley didn’t is that Raistline had made it into the Mess Hall and was standing behind him. Hedley looked up from the ground to see purple and orange blades glowing in front of his face. “You’re still the coward.” Bobecc said as he spit on him.


The second part of Taldryan Intelligence Directorate is underway, there is a little over a week left in the competition. Compete, the whole lot of you! Do it!

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