Ektrosis Quaestor Report 5a: Quick Hits


Ektrosis Quaestor Report 5a: Quick Hits



Greetings Ektrosis! I apologize if I have been quiet these last few weeks, I had a surprise housing related project come up that needed urgent attention. The good news is I have now rectified the situation and all should be back to normal. There hasn’t been a ton since my last report but there are a few items of note I wanted to get out to everyone.


A big congratulations to Arvalis, better known as Kaz, for being promoted to Equite 3. Kaz has been a workhorse for both House Ektrosis and Clan Taldryan, making this a well deserved elevation.

Also, I was promoted to Equite 2 but even I find it too egotistical to go into details on that so all I will say is how honored I am that Rian, Halc and Q took the time to write my recommendation. I was having a really crappy week last week and that made me smile. Also, thank you to all who sent me congratulations by email or Telegram. I am sorry I didn’t respond at the time.

SRI News

Mark and I have decided to hold off on Research Project #4 until after the Pro Bowl. But as a tease I will let you know that the focus of the next round will be defending the SRI against a direct assault.

Pro Bowl

For those that haven’t heard, Taldryan will be competing in the Plageuis Pro Bowl. Although we all won’t likely be on one team I would love for us all to treat this like a practice run for the next vendetta. My goal remains to see Taldryan place in the next club-wide event and the Pro Bowl is a good chance to shake off some rust.

The Prologue event is live amd has a few days left.


Justinios Drake


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