Excidium Aedile Report - May 2016


Excidium Aedile Report - May 2016

House Excidium Aedile Report

This is what we are

Dorzai was standing at attention, trying to keep his emotions from showing. An efficient and accomplished Human mercenary, with more than a dozen successful contracts to his name and still just at the beginning of a promising career, he was highly regarded by his colleagues as one of the best in his outfit. The fact that he had been called to the Silent Fortress proved it.

In front of him behind a desk and idly studying a datapad sat a dark figure. The chamber was entirely dark, except for a few candles burning in the far corners of the room. The icy winds of the northern hemisphere of Caina entered through narrow ventilation ducts, keeping the flames dancing and the temperature way below what anyone could consider comfortable.

But that didn't seem to bother the figure behind the desk. In appearance, he looked young, but his demeanour betrayed maturity and wisdom his face did not. After a long pause, the figure, Rosh Nyine, Aedile of House Excidium, looked up at the mercenary.

"Runner Dorzai Leviswi. I've been reading reports of your progress since you started your career with us." - whispered Rosh in a barely audible voice. "Most impressive, Runner, most impressive."

Dorzai swelled with pride at the words of one of his paymasters. "Thank you, Sir. Excidium rewards my services generously,and I do my best on each of my assignments."

The Aedile raised an eyebrow. "Do you, then?" - replied Rosh with a slight smirk. "That's not what I've read. Your last target had a daughter, if I'm not mistaken?"

The Mercenary studied the face of the apparently young Aedile. "Sir, she's just a teenager. She won't trouble us."

Dorzai began having doubts about the nature of his summons to Nyine's office. The dark figure sitting at the desk tapped it rhythmically with one finger. "There are two things that we don't have in this House, Runner Dorzai Leviswi. One is information leaks, like that girl..." hissed Rosh softly. Suddenly, his figure appeared blurry to the Mercenary, like if something was wrong with him, like...

The blade of a lightsaber appeared next to Dorzai's neck as the illusion of Rosh Nyine started disappearing completely.

"...the second thing we don't have in Excidium is mercy."

In a quick motion, the head of the Mercenary was separated from his neck. The body fell to the floor after a few seconds, joining the head on the floor. The Aedile turned off his lightsaber and returned it to his belt. Then he lifted his wrist close to his mouth and spoke: "Call Shadow Nighthunter and find Jorm Na'Trej. There has been a development, and we have another target."



Damn, it was about time. That's what most of Excidium will think reading this report. Time to get back for your Aedile, to show his face publicly and to start working, isn't it? Well, I agree with you, it was about time. The same that is about time that we get back on our feet and show everyone in the Brotherhood what we are. The same that is about time to raise and soar higher than ever before. Because we got that chance, and because we'll take it.



The Dark Brotherhood moves at such a pace that is hard to keep up with all the changes, either in structure and improvements or in fiction. We got a new Headmaster, new courses have been launched, the ACC is in full motion, the Herald keeps giving us eye-candy and posessions are closer and closer.

Our brother House, Imperium, is showing its prowess in the gaming area, with Blade and Delak spearheading our Clan in ACC and normal gaming victories. In general, our Clan is doing as good as its possible, but there's space to improve yet.

We got a feud around the corner, and all of us will have to make an extra effort to prove that we are worthy of Excidium. I know of the talent of all our members and we'll be actively monitoring the activity of all of us in the coming weeks. Our goal, of course, is to win, and each of us needs to put a bit of our skills to do our best. I'm counting on you, the Clan is counting on you. Don't let us down.


News from within

We gave a wrong impression in our feud against Imperium. I personally blame myself for not being here with you at that time, but this experience should help us to learn of what can happen if we get too comfy.

On the other hand, as you know, I've been speaking and polling the members about what did concern them the most, and almost all of you have answered the same: our identity. This is something that we have to address as soon as possible, so expect numerous projects to be launched after the incoming feud.

I would also like to congratulate in this report to our most prominent artist, Zehsaa, for her outstanding representation of the House in club wide artist competitions. Well done Zehsaa, I'm proud to have you with us.

The usual suspects have also performed very well, and Tacitus Athanasius is a proof of it. The work that Shadow has done, with the support of Alara, is something to be recognized, and trust me on this, it will.

Remember that you can contact me or Luc about anything concerning the House: ideas, projects, ambitions, who would you like to kill most... anything that goes through your head. We'll be listening.

And now a small stop on what has been done the last month.



This is what our members have obtained during the past month, congratulations to all of them!

  • Warlord Archangel Palpatine
    • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
    • 17 Clusters of Ice
  • Corsair Malodin'Tater
    • 1 Dark Cross
  • Warrior Shadow Nighthunter
    • 1 Steel Cross
    • 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star
    • 1 Cluster of Ice
  • Warrior Jorm Na'Trej
    • 1 Dark Cross
    • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Knight Zehsaa Hysh
    • 2 Crescents with Ruby Star
    • 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star
    • 1 Crescent with Diamond Star
    • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
    • 5 Clusters of Fire
  • Knight Arron Saylos
    • 1 Dark Cross
    • 10 Clusters of Ice
  • Knight Alara Deathbane
    • 1 Dark Cross
    • 3 Crescents with Emerald Star
    • 5 Clusters of Ice
  • Professional Brandon Tarsus
    • 3 Crescents with Emerald Star
    • 3 Clusters of Ice
  • Hunter Ashlynn Cruise
    • 1 Dark Cross

Additionally, I'm keeping an eye on those who are applying themselves in raising their ranks in the Societies and are working on their Shadow Academy tests. Well done, all of you!


Clan Competitions

This is getting a bit large, but there are two competitions and a parent competition that are ending in a few days and you should be aware of:

  • Deserted - Have you been playing any survival game lately? Well, Mr. Lexiconus brings us a competition about how to survive when all you can eat is air and sand.
  • Where's Jedi? - Do you think you could draw yourself saving Leia, or piloting the Falcon through the Death Star? Then this competition is for you!
  • Character Development Workshop #1: Aspects - Our PCON has put a good amount of effort to help people to improve their writing. These two fiction competitions are dedicated to improve how we write about our skills in fiction. Join and improve!

And remember to keep an eye out, the feud is around the corner!


I don't like reading these things, can you resume it a bit?

Sure, why not! Here you go:

  • We miss Arch
  • There is a feud we are gonna win.
  • There was a feud we didn't win.
  • Honey, I'm back home! (that's me, Rosh)
  • We like Zehsaa's drawings.

And now, epic music to get us into feud mood!

Woo! Nice report ^^

Good report, Rosh!

Great report Rosh!

Sweet stuff, Spaniard!

Good report i feel special to be named in Excidiums report with Blade.

Awesome report :D

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