Fist Report 11.0


Fist Report 11.0

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Greetings Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

This is a shorter report but I wanted to take the chance to announce staff moves as well as share some data about our newest platform, Star Wars: Squadrons. We haven't hit the full month mark since its release but the newest Star Wars game has lead to some pretty impressive activity in our club. I've dug up some recent activity history that puts into perspective the volume of activities we've seen. Huge props to the Fist Staff for keeping up with the volume, you've all done an amazing job!

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One Magistrate Exits...

Aiden Lee Deshra, also known as Rhylance, has finished his term as Magistrate. In his time on staff he approved well over 300 activities and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thank you for your hard work Aiden/Rhylance, you are welcome back on staff at any time!

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...And Another Rises

Aldaric and I have been very fortunate that we continue to have a strong applicant pool for each time we have posted. My goal is to continue to bring in members who have not served on the staff so please do not be discouraged if you were not selected. I consider it a key piece of my responsibility that I get as many of our members experience in this office as I can.

Without further ado....

I am please to announce that Mars Riggs as our newest Magistrate! If you are like me may have asked, “who in tarnation is Mars Riggs?” You may also recognize him by the name Quejo.

Like all of our newbies, he has already hit the ground running with putting together a GMRG competition for November.

Welcome to the Fist Staff!

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Squadrons Stats

Squadrons has propelled our club’s gaming activity to very high levels. But don’t take my word for it, here are some fun stats since the game launched on October 2nd:

  • Squadrons has had 158 activities submitted. All other platforms combined had 36.

  • Dogfight PvO mode has had the most activities at 26, followed by Fleet Battles PvO at 64 and Fleet Battles vs AI at 26

  • All three modes have had over 30 unique participants since launch. This is very cool to see because it means we aren’t seeing a smaller, very active group but instead a diverse set of members playing this platform.

  • The last time we saw close to 200 activities in a single month was Great Jedi War XIII, which included an event long cluster race.

  • Outside of a major event, you have to go back to December of 2018 to find a similar monthly activity rate. But unlike the launch of Squadrons, this month still seems like it was driven by a smaller group of very active member and does not have the diversity of participating members that our submissions enjoyed in October.

I do not expect this level to continue once the “new game” shine wears off but these numbers do give me some optimism that we have a platform we can rely on for a while.

Now, if only they’d allow private matches… FFA dogfights anyone?

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Competition Spotlight

Want to see your name here? All you have to do is host a club-wide gaming competition.

November 2020 GMRG Competitions hosted by the Fist office. - Note: Not all compeittions have made it through approvals as of this report.

Halloween Terror 2020: Overwatch Series hosted by the Junazee. - Note: Only runs through November 4th.

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Helpful links

[DB Gaming on Telegram - Log in to view join link] on Telegram. Come be part of the discussion in the one and only official gaming channel of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

Send us an email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Regards (and Happy Flying),

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Those numbers are great! Thanks for having me on staff, it was a blast. Good luck Quejo, enjoy the position!

Congrats Mars Riggs on the spot. Thank you, Aiden for your term as a magistrate.

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