Fist Report #15


Fist Report #15


Message from the Fist

Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood Dracpool! The Great Jedi War is over, and we have a brand new Star Wars movie to enjoy. The spoiler ban is still in place, but I hope you all have time over the next couple weeks to go see it. Don’t let anyone spoil it for you. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Just a couple things to cover this month, specifically a review of the GJW from a gaming perspective, some Pendants of blood, notes on competitions, and a brief overview of what we have planned for 2018!


GJW XII Gaming, By the Numbers

I was absolutely floored by the turnout for the gaming events during GJW XII. I’m sure you’ve all seen Mav’s spreadsheets (which are very good, by the way), here are the numbers specific to gaming:

  • Event Long: 116 Unique Participants, 187 Total Entries
  • Phase I: 124 Unique Participants, 158 Total Entries
  • Phase II: 69 Unique Participants, 99 Total Entries

All in all, not too shabby. Congrats to Odan Urr on its win as First Clan of the Brotherhood, and to Satsi (Or “Alty” as I will call her from now on).

Like some of the other DC folks, this was my first Great Jedi War from the DC side of things. It’s only my second GJW in the club to be honest (joined the active rolls after about a year in the Rogues). This was incredibly challenging, but well worth all the effort. Thanks to the rest of the DC for helping me with ideas, and to all of you for taking part.


Game Updates

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Pendants of Blood Added

Effective immediately, the following level milestones in Battlefront 2 will award Pendants of Blood:

  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 25
  • Level 30
  • Level 35
  • Level 40

You may earn a maximum of six for this game. You may not earn six on PS4 and then earn six on another console (Xbox or PC).


Gaming Competitions:

  • [FIST] Holiday Gaming Spectacular - Plenty of things to do here! Enjoy some crescents, clusters, and relaxation. The point of this is to have fun and enjoy the post-war rest IC, and the real holiday rest OOC. Make sure you read the competition details, everyone. There ARE some limitations on who you can game against.

  • Heroes of the Storm - December 2017 - Sang is running this one. It’s a cluster race, but plenty of time left to take over the top spot. Find another DB member and take on some AI!

  • Monthly Mobile Gaming: 3rd Annual Impossible Test: Christmas Edition - Always a holiday “favorite”. Can you do better than last year? Will this be the year you complete the test? Will your phone be launched out of a window? Download now and give it a whirl!

  • Gorefest December 2017 - It’s back. One more Gorefest this year! Mark your calendars.


Admin and Policy Reminders

  • Gifs, stickers, images, charity solicitations, and being a jerk are all banned from DB Gaming. The Gif, Sticker, and image ban is non-negotiable. I stated in this news post what the rules of engagement were. I have now made it relatively simple: Only admins can post images. If you have something you think should be posted, ask me or a member of my staff.

  • The staff has 24 hours from the time you submit gaming activity to approve it. If your submission has been sitting for longer than that, there is a problem. If it hasn’t, there is no problem. The staff do their best to process gaming submissions as quickly as possible, but they are real people with real lives. I do not expect them to sit behind a computer processing gaming submissions all day, and neither should any of you.

  • Solo submissions are never acceptable for Clusters of Earth/Fire. I will reject any that come in. You must play with at least one other DB member, no exceptions. This is not changing any time in the near (or far) future.

  • Reminder: Feel free to run Gaming competitions DB wide. Gaming is a slightly different community, and is one of the few that consistently brings club members together outside of the competitive environment. Most of the people I currently game are all in different clans. By opening up your event DB-wide, you increase the pool of possible participants, which could allow for a crescent upgrade!

  • Reminder: While I sincerely appreciate having proposals/great ideas sent to me via telegram, please email the staff list (email is at the bottom of this report). I ask that your House and Clan leadership take a look at your proposals before you send them up. This isn’t to add a layer of bureaucracy, it’s because I’m sure they’d like to know how you are trying to help the club improve...helps with award and promotion recommendations and all that. Feel free to cc them on your email to me and my staff.



Some good ones out of DB Gaming today. Here are the top three:

Q: Kelly asks How would you rate 2017 when it comes to gaming in the context of the club?

A: Highly. I will say there are things I didn’t get to do, but for the most part, I think some of the changes we made were for the better. The consolidation of T1 and T2 Gaming gave me more options to pull from during the GJW. The exclusion of the Fist staff from the GMRG eliminated the accusations of bias. The requirements to get a game supported made certain that if a game gets supported, it has an actual following, and a lifespan longer than two weeks.

Q: Kelly: What is your personal gaming highlight of the year, DB supported game or not?

A: Finally finishing Witcher 3.

Q: Rulvak Asks: When you step down, what is the one thing you hope the next person will bring to the table above all else?

A: I don’t care if the person that follows me when I retire (at least a year from now, maybe longer) is a super all star gamer. I don’t care if they can 360-No Scope a N00b in the sweatiest game of Pokemon: NO ever...if they can’t manage systems, and they can’t provide direction, and they can’t explain things other than by saying “because I’m just not going to do that” then they shouldn’t try taking on this position. Come with a plan of where you want to go, and come with the understanding that you won’t get everything done in the first week.


Mid November-Mid December Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees

Congratulations to the following individuals on earning Pendants of Blood for the highest overall PvP score for the weeks/Saturdays listed!

Weekly PoBs

  • 12-17 Nov: Edgar Drachen

  • 19-24 Nov: Edgar Drachen

  • 26 Nov-1 Dec: Only two Matches Played. Match History Rolled forward to the next week

  • 3 Dec-8 Dec: No Matches Played

  • 10-15 Dec: Blackhawk Matches were rolled forward from 26 Nov-1 Dec.

Saturday PoBs

  • 18 Nov: Edgar Drachen

  • 25 Nov: No Matches Played

  • 2 Dec: No Matches Played

  • 9 Dec: No Matches Played

  • 16 Dec: No Matches Played



The war is over, it’s the holidays, and I’m looking forward to everything to come in 2018. I am seeing TLJ for the second time tomorrow.

Have you seen it?

You should go see it.

-Dracpool, out.


/me leaves scones

I really need to get on those PoBs. Thanks, Drac!

Nice report, Drac. I'll definitely have to look at getting more involved in our gaming community!

Pretty sweet GJW numbers. Nice work on the comps!

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