Fist Report 16.0


Fist Report 16.0

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Rite of Supremacy Tournament Sign Ups

Greetings Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

As you may have heard, we have a Rite of Supremacy that is slated to begin on May 30th. In order to allow sufficient time for members to sign up for tournaments, I am publishing the sign up forms for the two tournaments I will be running: Jedi Academy and Hearthstone “Core Set” only. Please use the link below to access the document and sign yourself up for one or both.

2021 Rite of Supremacy Bracket Sign Up

There will also be one additional competition included in the Event Long Gaming bin that is not one of these two tournaments. This is to ensure that members, both new and old, joining the event in the middle have an opportunity to at least achieve bin participation.

Hearthstone Server Update

For Hearthstone specifically, one large challenge is the split regional servers. The official answer to how to resolve this has been added to the Supported Games wiki page:

  • For 1v1 matches, members may play on whatever server they choose unless otherwise stated in a competition. If you still can’t come to an agreement, the Fist or P:Fist will arbitrate for you.

Spoiler, there’s a very good chance my solution is to play half of your games on one region and half on the other. It is my preference that members can resolve these issues themselves in most situations and are free to use other agreements in Hearthstone PvP if desired by both parties.

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RoC Reminders and Update

On the eve of the upcoming Rite of Supremacy, it is a good time to review the Rites of Combat for both our regular gamers and those who venture into gaming activities during the big events.

The place most people find themselves getting in trouble is PvP but it doesn’t have to be this way! Please read through all of the requirements if you are not familiar with them. The biggest items to stay away from are:

  1. During the Rite, announcements of any kind are not allowed for PvP. This is in all channels and any other communication methods. I monitor the PvP queue very closely, so in the words of Obi-Wan, “Don’t try it.”
  2. Do not idle in the queue. Idling semi-AFK in the PvP queue leads to a failure to accept a match and failures to accept a match lead to being banned from PvP activities.
  3. Don’t be a jerk. You are going to lose matches, it is inevitable. Being a jerk about it means that you lost but also now possibly have a PvP ban or, if really bad, a referral to the Justicar.

Additionally, I’ve added wording back to the RoC regarding setting up all matches during feuds and cooperative events between multiple clans:

Section 2.4 - Setting Up Matches During Clan Feuds and Cooperative Events

a. The Rites of Combat are still enforced, along with additional requirements, during Clan Feuds and Cooperative events. Each of these events is unique and may have additional changes to the rules, beyond what is listed here. These details will be listed with the information for each Gaming Competition, so be sure to refer to those rules and guidelines as well.

b. In a joint or vs. event between two (or more) clans, all gaming submissions must contain at least one player from an opposing team for all match types (PvE, PvO and PvP).

My top goals for this event are for everyone to have fun and stay out of trouble!

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Personal Thoughts on Discussion of Opinions

I’d like to put out a general call that we should all work to be more respectful of differing opinions, especially as they relate to Star Wars and Gaming, within our community. Without going off on an entire rant, I’d like to propose unofficial guidelines for how we all engage with each other:

  1. I will profess my preferences as personal opinion, not fact. (Ex: I will not say, “Blue is the best color” and will instead say “Blue is my favorite color.”)
  2. I will not disparage another’s opinion in order to profess my own. (Ex: Instead of saying “Blue is so much better than red because red is total garbage”, say something like “I prefer the color blue.”)
  3. I will not take someone else's stated preference as a personal insult because other humans are allowed to like different things that I do. (Ex: If I prefer the color blue and someone else says “Red is my favorite color” then the easiest solution is that I simply don’t comment. For bonus points, actively engage with someone to find out why they like something different because life is more interesting when we aren’t all the same.)

If we all agree to start using these simple guidelines, we’ll find that we devolve into less arguing over items that, at the end of the day, are matters of personal preference over a family movie about space wizards and are not going to materially change anything, anywhere, ever.

In all seriousness, we’re all here to have fun so let’s try to be a little more chill with each other.

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Helpful links

[DB Gaming on Telegram - Log in to view join link] on Telegram. Come be part of the discussion in the one and only official gaming channel of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

DJB Event Calendar

Send us an email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


JD Signature

Thanks for the update Justinios!

Justinios. You are my new favorite person for these opinion statements. Thank you.

But seriously, green is the best colour

Blue does happen to be my favorite color. ^^

Genuinely surprised to not see a Squadrons 1v1 bracket. Glad to not see a HotS bracket.

And yes. Do not be a jackass in chats. You are entitled to your opinions. That doesn’t make them facts.

I believe the Chiss (and Tasha, honorary) can vouch for Blue

Is JA restricted to just PC? Apparently its on Switch now as well, so some people are asking

@Drac, Squadrons was very close to having a tournament but Hearthstone beat it out in recent activity. Had I done three brackets, both would have made it in but I was concerned members joining mid-event wouldn't have any Event Long options. Squadrons will be represented, not to give too much away.

Well, looks like its time to actually start bothering with gaming!!

Thanks for the update :D (P.S. Green is best)

RE: JA on Switch. Our only offiical server for JA is Blade's which is on PC. There is also no cross play so for official events, PC is the only platform.

nice report. one problem with playing half games in one server and other half in other server is that not everyone plays all 3 servers (NA/EU/ASIA) which is more liely, not everyone is going to have core sets for all 3 servers. I myself only play NA server. How will we handle that if it is two opponents facing each other from other servers, cause we can't cross server play in Hearthstone.

Can we drop the PIN requirement next time around? It's not being used for anything anymore, and it's really confusing to newer members. I thought we managed to phase out that requirement from ROs and other such things. I just don't think it adds anything but an extra layer of tedium. Email and name should be enough identification.

Other than that, time to play some cards! :D

@Brimstone, my first suggestion is that members reach mutually beneficial agreements on their own by working together and being understanding of each other. Much like the story of King Solomon, arbitration should not be seen as a desired outcome.

@Tali, PINs are a bit of a pain but when it comes to a once a year ask to ensure people are only signing themselves up I like it as an extra step. I do not think it is highly likely someone will be a jerk and sign other people up for a tourney but it is possible. Adding the layer of tedium is actually a good step to ensure that doesn't happen at all though since then someone who is up to no good has to take that extra step.

As to the PIN discussion, I agree with some of the points Tali made in the gaming chat - on mobile it is a mild annoyance finding it since it is only visible in your URL.

I use PINs a lot when I run competitions that have scoring tracked over multiple weeks of submissions. We have members who change their names so frequently that PIN is the only means to match up scores and cumulative points. So I do still see the ongoing value of PINs.

PUCE or nothing!

Missed an opportunity for a "Fastest seasonal GR 126 Solo" competition.

Grats on topping me in the rifts

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