Fist Report #32


Fist Report #32


Message from the Fist

Aloha, DJB!

This report will be a little bit different than the ones I have posted in the past. Instead of the usual news on competitions, gaming, and other things, I’m going to take the time to say thank you to a few people, reminisce about the past 33 months, and give some parting wisdom. That’s right, it’s time for me to finally say…



Insert Sappy Retirement Post Here

That’s right all you little Sith and Jedi, it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset of retirement. 33 months is a long time to serve on the DC, and in Fist years it’s almost an eternity. I have done everything I set out to do, and now with some real life stuff occupying a great deal of my free time, it’s best that I step down and let someone else lead the club’s gaming community for a while.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the day I found out I was picked for this job. I remember my phone pinging and interrupting my workout tunes on a cold October morning in 2016. I remember the excitement of having a chance to bring my ideas to the club and to hopefully build on the incredible base of the Fists that came before me. But most of all, I remember the genuine congratulatory notes from so many members. I knew right then that my focus had to be on all of you, and less on myself.

Over the past 33 months, there have been changes. A lot of them.

  • Tier 1 and 2 Games are a thing of the past. Every supported game is useable in a Vendetta and GJW. Gone are the days where Pazaak and Jedi Academy reigned supreme.

  • The GMRG Society and GMRG Leaderboard are separate but connected entities. The Society represents a focus on the casual and cooperative, and the Leaderboard represents the competitive side of our gaming community.

  • The outdated model of announcing your intent to play (and inadvertently leading to match dodging) in DB Gaming is finally gone.

  • Eight new games of which six are still active (sorry Titanfall 2 and Star Wars: Force Arena) were added to the DB Supported Games List

  • Staff Rotations were implemented to ensure that new and fresh ideas were brought into the Fist office.

  • Fist staff was excluded from competing in the GMRG Leaderboard to eliminate any potential bias.

  • Test competitions were simplified and policies developed to ensure all potential games received a fair and unbiased chance at support.

The list goes on, but these are just some of the major highlights.

I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people over the past 33 months.

  • To the two GMs I served: Pravus and Mav. Thank you to Pravus, thanks for taking the chance on a newly minted EQ2 who had only Rollmaster and Magistrate experience to lead the club’s gaming community. Your trust in my recommendations and decisions made every day enjoyable. To Mav, thank you for your efforts in increasing the transparency of the DC’s thought processes and decisions to the club. You have done an exceptional job at making certain that members know their input matters in some way.

  • To the rest of the DC, thank you to all of you for your daily focus on making the DJB a place where members are the focus. You are all some of the hardest working and least thanked people I know. Thank you for being a sounding board and collective voice of reason when I was frustrated.

  • To my staff, past and present: Thank you for your exceptional work in building and creating content for our members. Sometimes the brilliant ideas we had didn’t play out exactly as we wanted them to. But your drive and initiative to provide opportunities for the members was simply unmatched. Most of you received your first sacramental award for service on my staff. That is extremely telling on how much effort and care you put into your position. You are all rock stars, and I can’t thank you enough for making my job easier.

  • To my Praetor, Junazee: You are hands down one of the club’s best. Your consistent pleasant attitude and presence, ability to drive the staff to TIMELY task completion, and sound advice when planning events is proof of the exceptional leader that you are. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to lead the DB’s gaming community with. I expect great things from you in the future.

  • To my wife (who will never, ever see this): Thank you for putting up with me screwing around on my phone at all hours. I know it drove you nuts, and I thank you for your feigned patience with me as I interacted with all of my magical internet friends.

  • To the Members: Thank you for your constant feedback on changes, new games, games you wanted to see added, competitions you liked, and yes, even the things you didn’t like. Without your input, the club wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for gaming with each other. Thank you for bringing new people into the fold. Everyone on the DC and Dark Summit was once a member with no responsibility other than “doing all the things.” You all have the power to drive change based on what you participate in.


To the Future Fist

To my successor (whomever you may be), I offer four pieces of advice.

First, do not be afraid to make changes to the system. If something I built no longer serves its intended purpose, then recommend a change. Be transparent and dialogue your change to the DC, Dark Summit, and then in some cases to the entire member base. You’ll be amazed at the feedback those groups will provide. Make the office yours, but never forget who you serve. It’s not about you. It’s about the members. It’s about the club.

Second, stand firm if a change or policy you institute is for the betterment of the club, even if it’s not universally loved. Be ready for criticism, because it’s coming. Take it with grace, acknowledge the concern, and clearly state and then stand behind your reasoning. I can assure you that if your reasons are sound, people will stand behind the decisions you make.

Third, there are two former Fists who are active members of the club. There are many former magistrates who are active as well. I’m not deleting Telegram. If I can ever help you in any way, do not hesitate to reach out.

And finally, don’t recommend Single Player clusters in your application. It isn’t going to happen. :-)


And Now My Watch Has Ended

In the coming days, the GM or DGM will post a call for applications. I will obviously remain in position until the new person is selected.

If you have ever thought that you could do things better, that you have an epic idea that will revolutionize gaming (as long as it isn’t single player clusters…no seriously, don’t put that in an application), or if you just want a chance to give something back to the club and its members, then submit an application. Serving as Fist and on the Dark Council has given me a whole new perspective on how this club functions. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of this job, and I am positive that whomever takes the reigns next will have as much fun as I did.

So get those applications in when the GM calls for them. If you are picked, enjoy the ride. I certainly did.


So that’s it. 33 months as Fist. So much has happened since that cold morning in October. Thank you all for going on this ride with me. I will still be around, and now I can participate in gaming competitions again!


-Dracpool, out.


Thank you for your awesome run as Fist, Drac!

May the Porgs be with you. Thank you for being a great FIST.

Congrats Drac, thank you for all your hard work!!

I’ll have a margarita waiting for you at the retired Fist bar. Fully salted, of course.

thx Drac for your work.

First to post

Thank you for all you have done Drac, you will definitely be missed by me as FIST.

Dracpool, it's been an honor to break walls with you. You did the good. Now, pancakes and rest.

You're going to be a hard act to follow, Drac. Well done, sir, well done.

Brim, you were not first, you were fourth. :p

All Hail the Lord of Salt, for gaming is dark and full of bitterness!

All BS aside, youve done a job that is mostly either thankless or full of griping. As a long time member of this club, I can say that you have improved on gaming as a whole and are leaving the throne of salt in a much better position than you found it.

Your time as FIST has been much appreciated, I hope that you enjoy your retirement. :P

Enjoy the sunshine and catch up on that sweet relaxation. Thank you for putting in the all of that work.

Drac, you are a juggernaut. Thank you for all your time, energy, and fortitude. Godspeed!

Very well said.

Thanks and mahalo.

Found a way to pick the shackles eh? I’ve worked with several DCers over the years but my time on your staff was the most informative and enjoyable experience I’ve had. My hope is all DC offices follow your lead in transparency and efforts to connect with the communities in their charge. Thanks for your service, Drac.

You did a great job Drac. Fist is a difficult challenge and you handled it better than most. You deserve a rest and congratulations for a job well done!

You've changed gaming in the Brotherhood for the better. The systems in place for gaming are fairer and more transparent than they have ever been and it's due to changes you pushed for. I may not have agreed with every single decision you made but you always had my respect. Rest easy and enjoy some coop with the community. You've always got a spot on my OW team :P

Best FIST. Now let's go play sabaac.

Well deserved retirement! Thank you for all the guidance you have given me and fellow staff members. It has been a pleasure being on staff with you as first your magistrate and then praetor. Good luck to all that apply for the "Throne of Salt". Remember the tips Drac have stated above, he gives wise advice.

You've achieved awesome stuff for the Club Drac, thank you for that.

I was on your staff once..., I enjoyed it big time! You're an awesome guy! Thx for everything.

Big shoes to fill...

Congratulations on a phenomenal tenure, Drac! Thank you so much for everything you've done and the opportunities you've granted so many people.

Appreciate all of your efforts Drac, we didn't always agree and that's alright. Everything you did, you did with the best intentions in mind for the future you saw for gaming in the Club and that's damned admirable. Good luck in your future ventures and good luck to whomever takes your place.

Thank you all for the kind words.

I am a man of many words so here I go:

Great boss, cool dude. 10/10 would recommend.

In all seriousness thanks for all that you have done. I have learned a ton as a member of your staff and have enjoyed all of my time on it. I do need to get me some of that pineapple hard cider...

TT___TT Thank you for all the work you've put into this community! I'll never forget my first Fist!

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