FIST Report #4


FIST Report #4


Welcome one and all,

This is another report from your FIST. I will cover a fair few things as well as some gaming information and ways to get involved with competitions. You name it, it will be covered in this report. So sit back and enjoy what is to come.



The trial period has come to an end for the Division. As such, myself and the FIST staff, as well as the DC looked at what the activity was like, if the game was still reliable and able to survive inside of the Brotherhood.

So after this we looked at numbers, and sadly it is time to pull a curtain down on the game, I will be removing it from selection on the 1st of June, meaning you still have a small amount of time to get involved and get some Clusters. That said, the following will be removed on the 1st of June:

  • Side Mission - Removed

  • Daily Mission - Removed

  • Daily Challenge Mission - Removed

  • Dark Zone - Removed

  • Level Cap - Removed


Grand Master Gaming Tournament

With the recent matches being played, we finally come to the finals. In order to get to the end many have fought, and many have fallen. Each participant has given it everything they have got and it's come to the point now where we will find the winner. The final will be decided between the following members:

  • Augur Morgan B. Sorenn vs Battlelord Ernordeth Puer-Irae

So give it your all. Matches must be completed by Friday as standard, and submitted to the competition to be counted. Third place will be decided by the following people:

  • Warrior Delak Krenn vs Knight Blade Ta'var


Overwatch and Fractured Space

With the removal of The Division, it shows that myself and my staff are always looking for new games and always trialing other games. We have had a fair few of you come to us about a couple of games, so we are running a few competitions. This is a key thing to check levels of participation for each of the platforms that are up so the following competitions will be running for a month:


Pendants of Blood

Figured I would start adding this, so for the month of May the following members managed to earn the weekly PoB. I would like to say a massive well done to each of them and for everyone to keep up the hard work and soon you could find your name on this list, the following members achieved a PoB for their hard work.

  • 1st Week - Zachary

  • 2nd Week - Zachary

  • 3rd Week - Celahir

  • 4th Week - Firith'rar


Clan Gaming

As always, Clan gaming is a way to earn double CFs for yourself on the one day each month that you have been selected. It's a solid way to interact with other members and get to meet new people so I strongly recommend getting involved. That being said the following dates for this month are:

  • Clan Plagueis and Clan Odan-Urr - 4th June

  • Clan Arcona and Clan Naga Sadow - 11th June

  • Clan Scholae Palatinae, Clan Taldryan and Clan Tarentum - 25th June


Final Thoughts

So I would like to remind everyone that if you want to suggest anything or recommend that myself and the staff look into a game, please hit us up and we will get back to you with our opinion. Simply write an email, hit us up on Telegram about anything really that you feel we should know about. We are here to help you as gamers, that is always our goal.

Finally, keep gaming and rocking out, everyone. With that I'll catch you in my next report.


Woo! Overwatch and fractured space! I like these new games, it's actually stuff I play. Go Ceth!

Gz on the PoB's for weekly PvP! CNS doing a good job :D

Question: Whats the status on MOBA's like League of Legends etc? Is the staff (still) looking into this as a viable option?

I can get in on Overwatch and Fracture space

Is there any reason the Fist office is moving to "gather screenshots in a zip file and send them to me" comps from beta periods using the site match submission system? This is a significant departure from how previous releases (Division, Battlefront, Star Conflict, Destiny) were handled. That seems like a big step backwards to me and isn't as accurate as getting the data on how many DB members are playing together which is the more relevant metric for evaluating viability for our purposes.

I'm also concerned about this new format of submitting screenshots. It feels like you're significantly delaying the active progress of game testing as you aren't seeing it live. What's the reason for the change?

I would like to thank everyone on there feedback to the recent changes as it will help myself and the fist stall improve. That being said I will however try and find a better format that Zip files for the next set of competitions. The reason for these competitions is rather than myself and my staff balancing CF's and throwing a new system into the fold without numbers then like the division it could be a waste of the time, effort and see a slump of activity. If you want a game approved then the competition gives us numbers on how many DB members play it as a whole, allowing everyone a chance to put a game forward and not just the FIST staff. From here we will then look at opening it into a beta testing with CF's and go from there. I hope this answers the questions, if you have any more concerns hit me up on Telegram.

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