FIST Report #6


FIST Report #6


Hello all,

It’s that time again where I release another report. A month has come and gone and we have had a lot of changes happening inside of the office. This report is going to hit hard and hit fast, so buckle up and let’s get this ball rolling and see what happens. Here we go!


The news that everyone goes on about, well it's happened today. That’s right, the Fist Bot in Telegram has now gone live, and is submitting matches through the site. At this point before I ramble into details, etc. I would like to say a massive thank you to James. His hard work and effort has opened the door to allow this to become possible. Right, that being said, the arrival of Fist Bot means the following rules are now in place:

  • Matches must be set up using either FIST Bot or Fist-O-Matic for them to be approved as PvP Matches.
  • If there is an issue with anything inform a member of staff.
  • You may only submit 12 matches per person per platform regardless of which Bot you use.

With that in mind, follow the Rites of Combat for all gaming please to avoid any issues. Have fun and go enjoy gaming on Telegram.


Battlefront Changes

You’re all aware that we keep having to update and change CF’s for games, or when new game modes add additional things to give our members better opportunities. The following changes have happened to Battlefront since my last report, so go out and enjoy:

  • Skirmish Mode Added with the following:
  • Fighter Squadron - Added for 2 CE
  • Walker Assault - Added for 3 CE



With Overwatch still being popular, I’d like to keep you in the loop. My staff and I will be looking at adding PvP in soon as this has come up a few times with you guys, so we are looking at expanding the Overwatch side of gaming. Keep the Overwatch games coming in as it's still running in its trial period. Remember this, so keep hammering the games! If you are wanting to get involved, jump into the Overwatch gaming channel and hit members up to get going with them.


Pendants of Blood

Once more we come to that time where I hand out Pendants of Blood for the most active gamers, so since our last report we have only had a few completed weeks. Congratulations to the following members on earning themselves a Pendant of Blood:

  • 1st Week - Rulvak Qurroc
  • 2nd Week - Aexod Burgoo
  • 3rd Week - Jo Mizu
  • 4th Week - Jo Mizu


Clan Gaming

I’m keeping Clan gaming going, remember it's a great way to get double CF’s as well as interact with other members. Use this opportunity to get gaming and enjoy yourselves. The following clans are paired up this month:

  • Clan Odan-Urr and Clan Taldryan and Clan Tarentum - 7th August
  • Clan Naga Sadow and Clan Plagueis - 21st August
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Arcona - 28th August


Jedi Academy

With recent updates, Turel has had a severe incident. However, his server is running fine and everything is up and running again. When you log into the game the IP address of his server will not be showing up until you entered the new details. so remember the following changes on Turel’s Server:

  • IP Address:
  • Password: fadinglight


Final Thoughts

With all the changes that have taken place, I wanted to take the time to remind everyone to feel free to hit up myself or my staff with any questions or concerns. We are here to make sure that we help each one of you and get you to enjoy gaming. After all it's what we are here for to make sure you have a good time. All that being said keep gaming and enjoy yourselves peace out till next month!


Thanks to the FIST Staff and James for getting the new bot going!

Shiny new Fist-y-bot is working. Most excellent.

yay new bot!

Love the new bot and extremely useful! Thank you!

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