Fist Report 6.0


Fist Report 6.0

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Greetings Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

What a time to be alive. That’s about all I can muster for a clever intro this month. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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Feature: PvE/O LFG Tool

Thanks to the amazing work of the legendary James Lucias Entar Fister Roboto has learned some new abilities.

Before everyone panics, this PvE/O LFG Tool is 100% voluntary.

That means not required.

Never required, in any situation. Ever.

My idea for this tool came from my time as a new member of the gaming community. Yes, we have a DB Gaming chat that works very well for finding other players. Yes, people also have friends they play with and can find fellow gamers in their clans, houses, and battleteams. But for those that have been around a long time, you can forget what it is like to be a brand new member with few, if any, established relationships.

Even for the veterans, it is hard to keep up on who is playing which games and at what times. The LFG Tool allows anyone to open up a “group” using the bot and for anyone else to join that open group if spots are available. Anyone in DB Gaming can then add themselves to your group. Members will still need to communicate how to find each other in the games themselves, but my hope is this tool will make it easier to fill parties up with DJB members.

I believe this new functionality is very easy to use. To open a new party the syntax is: /createparty <partysize> <description>

As an example, if I wanted to open up a five person party for Heroes of the Storm I would enter: /createparty 5 HotS

You can join a party by clicking the /join button underneath the party announcement. You can also leave your current party by using the /leave command.

There are no limits on party size or what can go into the description. The intention of this is to be flexible and multi-use. If this feature takes off, I would be happy to consider additional functionality, so please let me know if any other ideas present themselves.

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Non-Supported Platform Competition Clarification

As I mentioned in previous reports, I am looking to expand our gaming options by encouraging members to run competitions for gaming platforms that are not on our official supported list. As with many ideas, this one requires some refinement now that the rubber has hit the road. When you are looking to create a competition for a game that is not officially supported here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cost of the game, especially in relation to its age. $50 games that are a decade old could be a bad idea.
  • Recent interest within the DJB. A game that has some buzz around it is likely a better idea than one that isn’t getting much attention.
  • Is your competition part of a larger series? These types of competitions might be best run standalone, especially if there is no history of the game you are using seeing a high volume of submissions.
  • If your platform is one with interest limited mostly to your unit or sub-unit, consider limiting the scope to that.

These are the same items I will be considering to help determine if a competition should be approved. I will also be on the lookout for crescent feeding. For example, if the same game is being run weekly and has the same three participants every time, then I will likely begin declining those at the start.

Opening up competitions on non-supported platforms was never intended to come along with blanket approval. I hope that this added information can assist with the process of creating competitions. As always, feel free to email both me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Aldaric ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) if we can help with the process.

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Competition Spotlight

Want to see your name here? All you have to do is host a club-wide gaming competition.

Quarentine Quests - Wanna Game Bro?: hosted by Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen

Fist - Shelter In Place 2020 hosted by your friendly neighborhood Fist Staff and also James!

April 2020 GMRG Competitions also hosted by the Fist office.

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Helpful links

[DB Gaming on Telegram - Log in to view join link] on Telegram. Come be part of the discussion in the one and only official gaming channel of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

Send us an email at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])


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I like this party feature. Pretty nice.

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