Fist Report - August


Fist Report - August

Well, this report got longer than I planned. TOR Officer and Rewards are reviewed, Weekly PVP PoB requirements are updated, a new option to connect and game with friends is covered, two upcoming Space Sim Games and two Free to Play PS3 games get the DJB-bump. Along with your standard competition goodness and awards.

TOR Officers and Flashpoint CF Rewards Update

Furios and I have been grinding away at how to improve many different facets of the TOR Guild. This is the first update of a few, as we still have some finer points to hash out on other options we're looking into for the guild, as well as a review of Operations CF Rewards similar to what was done for Flashpoint rewards.

First, with the introduction of Unit Representatives we've decided to update the role Guild Officers a bit more. Previously a big part of being an Officer was just getting Club members invites to the Guild, the Unit Reps have been doing a nice job at taking this on themselves. That said, there was not much differentiating a Unit Representative from an Officer and we wanted to change that. Moving forward there will be an expectation that in order to be a Guild Officer the individual will organize and run at least one in game event per month. I'd like to see this advertised on either the DJB Calendar or the TOR Website Calendar so people are aware of it. Furios will be keeping an eye on the frequency of these activities.

The list of Officers in the TOR Guild will also be much more fluid in the future months. Officers are expected to be both active and visible in the guild, and additions or removals from these positions will reflect that. Its worth noting that the Officer positions are going to be based solely on your in game activities and contributions. Club Rank, tenure, prestige or anything else is not being considered. The only exception is that all Fist Staff will remain as Officers for admin and assistance type purposes.

Flashpoint CF Rewards have also been updated slightly. There were some revisions added due to the increase of the Level Cap to 55, yes I know that was changed a long time ago, and others added due to the availability of better gear which is a natural cycle in any MMO. Here's the rundown:

  • Below 50 Flashpoint: 4 CF (No Change)
  • Lvl 50 Normalmode Flashpoint: 4 CF (No Change)
  • Lvl 50 Hardmode Flashpoint: 2 CF (reduced due to Level Cap)
  • Level 55 Normal Flashpoint: 4 CF (No Change)
  • Level 55 Hardmode Flashpoint: 5 CF (lowered from 6 CF due to gear availability)
  • Tactical Flashpoint: 4 CF (No Change)

I'm sure some are wondering why the Lvl 50 Hardmode Flashpoints took such a big hit. First we considered adding a Level Cap to this at 54, but that didn't seem fair to anyone who had a Level 55 wanting to help a friend gear between 50 and 55. Considering the ease of completing the Lvl 50 Hardmode Flashpoints (two decently geared 55s can do it with companions) I felt adjusting it to a level similar to a Heroic Mission was appropriate. The rewards from these missions are also not competitive at Level 55 when compared to the Basic Gear available through the Oricon Intro quests. Overall this should have little impact on members leveling between 50 and 54, as it is a relatively short time overall in gameplay.

The wiki and Gaming Submission tables for these will be updated shortly.

Weekly PVP PoB Award Structure Update

Recently a request was made to review the Weekly PVP PoB award requirements. I took a look through some past trends of gaming and agreed they could use an adjustment. The amount of members required to participate in Gaming over the course of a week has been reduced from 10 to 5. In order to win a minimum of 10 games is still required, and highest PVP Score will still be the means of determining who is awarded the PoB.

The associated wiki has already been updated with this information. All PoBs that are awarded later in this report were calculated using this criteria.

Game Ranger (information courtesy of Kell Palpatine Dante)

Recently Dante contacted me letting me know about a program called Game Ranger. I'm going to steal the entire "about" section of their website now...

GameRanger is a free download for Mac and PC that lets you play over 600 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide. GameRanger offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.

There are different membership levels to this program, but the basic Bronze membership is free and allows you to have a 50 person Friends list of people who you can invite to game with. I've listed some of the Star Wars specific games here:

  • Battlefront
  • Battlefront II
  • Clone Campaigns
  • Empire at War
  • Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
  • Force Commander
  • Galactic Battlegrounds
  • Rebellion
  • Republic Commando

For a full list of the 700+ games they support check out the Game Ranger website.

Elite Dangerous (information courtesy of Arvalis)

While this game is still in development it looks pretty sweet. Its a Space Flight Simulator, with some pretty nice looking graphics and in depth controls. The Beta is out, with some features including:

  • 55 star systems to explore
  • Initial online mission system functionality
  • Player to Player communication (text and voice)
  • Friends management and matchmaking
  • Overview trade route mapping
  • Concept of fuel consumption
  • Docking computers to assist in landings

The downside, you basically need to buy the game to get access to the Beta and its only available to PC (final release of the game will be available on Mac also though). At $75 its a bit on the expensive side for games as well, the system requirements are significant also. If you're interested in this game I highly suggest you review this information.

Think you might be interested? Maybe you want to see some Beta Footage? Check out this Youtube by showing quite a bit of Beta for this game. Joysticks are supported.

Star Citizen Arena Multiplayer now available (for donors)

This week Star Citizen began opening up Arena Multiplayer to all donors (or pledges as they call them). Looks like there's a few different options out there currently. The Capture the Core PVP battle also went out recently. Check out the News Releases for info.

Playstation 3 Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Shooter and Flight Simulator (information courtesy of Aeson Rhys)

First for any FPS fans out there we have Dust 514, a Sci-Fi based shooter in the EVE Online universe. It supports 16v16 player vs player action and allows for tons of character customization. However, its not currently available on PS4.

Next up is Ace Combat, while it isn't a Space Flight Sim the gameplay looks pretty decent if you're willing to try flying what appears to be somewhat similar to a modern day fighter. The game offers botha Campaign Mode and Online Co-Op Missions. Also, not currently available on PS4.

August Gaming Competitions

August Gorefest

Gorefest will to start on Friday, August 22nd. The Competition will be live on the site later this evening. As a reminder, any member of the GMRG can compete and earn bonus CFs for any Gaming activities

Gaming Competition Results

July Gorefest

  • 1st Place (Tie) - DJM Howlader Taldrya of Clan Taldryan
  • 1st Place (Tie) - DJM Aidan Kincaid of Clan Taldryan
  • 3rd Place - DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor of Clan Taldryan

100 Ballz

  • 1st Place - DEF Justin Wayne of Clan Taldryan
  • 2nd Place - DA Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar
  • 3rd Place - DJK Taranae Rhode of Clan Plagueis

Torment 6 Full DJB Group Malthael Kill

We finally had a group of members take out Malthael on Torment 6! Not only did they down him, they took a video while they did it. Check it out here. Their PoBs went out shortly after they sent the info over to me. Congratulations all who were in the group!

  • Turel Sorenn of House Odan Urr
  • Sight Notorshin of Clan Arcona
  • Alaris Jinn of Clan Arcona
  • Seraphol Ceartas of House Odan Urr

Pendants of Blood

The updated PoB requirements were used in calculating all awards listed below.

  • 29Jun2014 - 05Jul2014: DJM Howlader Taldrya of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 7.04 (24 Matches Played, 13 Matches Won)
  • 06Jul2014 - 19Jul2014: DJM Aidan Kincaid of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 19.27 (60 Matches Played, 34 Matches Won)
  • 20Jul2014 - 26Jul2014: DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 24.07 (60 Matches Played, 38 Matches Won)
  • 27Jul2014 - 02Aug2014: JK Lu`aisha Greese of House Odan Urr, PVP Score of 34.29 (147 Matches Played, 71 Matches Won)
  • 03Aug2014 - 09Aug2014: JK Lu`aisha Greese of House Odan Urr, PVP Score of 27.48 (131 Matches Played, 60 Matches Won)

I am Groot

(Great report, Val!)

Nice report Val!

Thanks for the heads-up on those games, partner.

mhhhmmmmm Dust 514, I like that game a lot, just don't play it very often anymore....after it left beta phase I kinda didn't play for a while and well long story made short when I started playing again all the players I used to be as good as now were kicking my rear

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