Fist Report - March Madness and How XP Impacts Gaming


Fist Report - March Madness and How XP Impacts Gaming



Greetings gamers, it has been an eventful few months in the club. Congrats to all who received promotions and awards following the launch of the XP system. We have some job opportunities, a little March Madness and a brief chat on what XP means for gaming.


Now Hiring M:Fist


As I announced in a previous post the Fist staff is hiring for a general Magistrate position.

Please email brief applications with any relevant ideas or experience you have to myself and Bentre by 11:59PM EST on March 10th.


XP and Gaming

The XP system has been a great change for the Brotherhood and has been almost entirely positive. Promotions up through Equite 4 and awards are more transparent than ever. For reference the XP values can be view on the XP policy page.

If you look at the XP policy page you will notice something that is directly relevant to gaming namely the math equation for clusters. Clusters from all sources of activity were given diminishing returns, meaning that the benefit you get xp-wise from each cluster goes down the more of them you get. Gaming was not alone in having diminishing returns for clusters.

Put plainly this basically means you can’t really grind your way to a promotion or award solely with clusters. That has always been the case in truth. While this may seem discouraging let me point out a few things about gaming clusters and day to day gaming:

First, clusters still grant credits and those add up. Second and probably most relevant for the Fist Staff is that cluster races and having a constant flow of gaming competitions is now more important than ever. So getting gaming clusters can still be rewarding xp-wise so long as you submit those clusters to an active cluster race. I will keep an eye out to ensure there is always at least one db-wide cluster race running for members to submit to. I still encourage clan leaders and regular members to run their own cluster races but if there’s a gap the Fist staff will run one.

So submitting gaming for clusters will give you 1) credits from the clusters 2) XP from entering a cluster race competition 3) credits for entering a cluster race competition and 4) the possibility of crescents for placing in a cluster race which is even more XP and credits. Submitting your gaming is still very much worth your while in regards to credits and XP.


Bringing the gaming community together and fostering those member to member social connections is still my primary goal but I am just as committed to ensuring members are rewarded for their activity. This will mean producing xp-granting content and exploring new forms of xp-granting content will be a focus of the Fist staff.


March Madness

In the spirit of producing more content we are hosting a March Madness mini-event to celebrate all forms of gaming. If this mini-event is successful I would like it to become an annual thing with expanded offerings. Keep an eye on the container competition as more competitions will be added for the last weeks.

By popular demand I have included a Halo Infinite tournament as part of the March Madness event. This will involve 1v1 duels with a classic Halo ruleset. The sign up is below.

Halo Infinite Tournament Signup



So don’t forget to apply (or encourage your buddies to apply) for the M:Fist position and keep an eye out for future XP-granting content from the Fist staff.

Rajhin Cindertail aka Turel

Fist of the Brotherhood


Nice report!

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