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Fist Supplemental 15.2

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Destiny 2: Battlegrounds Mode

Greetings Dark Jedi Brotherhood!

With special thanks to the work of Ira Ojiman aka Uji and Rulvac Qurroc aka Warp, Destiny 2 Battleground mode has been added to the site. While our internal testers provided some great data, I also went to and did some additional research on the time it takes to complete a Battleground to ensure I assigned equitable cluster values to this mode. I’ve settled upon a 15 minute average as reasonable across all skill levels which puts the Cluster of Earth value for this PvE mode at 3.0 per submission.

One catch with this mode is that the in game screenshot does not provide the data we need. However, Destiny 2 does provide that has the data we need to submit activities in this mode. The Destiny 2 section of Supported Games wiki page has been updated with a screenshot example.

On a semi-related note, I’ve also removed the reference to the DJB Destiny 2 clan from the Supported Games page since all reports are that this group is inactive.

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Rite of Supremacy Tournament Sign Ups

These will be coming out soon in Google Form format. I didn’t want to sit on the Destiny 2 update any longer while I worked on finalizing these so check back soon for more RoS info.

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Thanks Justinios, looking forward to making use of the Battlegrounds playlist!

I’m glad to see a seasonal activity added, even though that season ends in a week.

Maybe better to have a seasonal activity option? You can just edit it each season to reflect whatever it is...the clusters can be adjusted as needed.

All I’m saying is that I just don’t see gamers in the DB playing a mode that no longer provides progression rewards. It’s a lot of work to add content just to have it barely be utilized.

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