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Rite of Supremacy PvP Score Competition

This competition has Vs. Mode activated meaning that are prevented you from matching against a member of your own Clan. Absolutely no same Clan matches are allowed.

This is not a typo. The site is not able to restrict matches by faction and we felt that this restriction is still important to ensure fair and open matches. In fact, PvPing with people you are unfamiliar is one of the features of these big club wide events.

This DOES NOT mean that you can prearrange matches within your faction, in fact far from it. The Rites of Combat restrict all PvP announcements or match arraigning (outside of tournament related matches) and this 100% includes within your faction.

Any members found to be fixing matchmaking during the Rite will see bans of increasing duration which will severely limit anyone's ability to make a run for the novae. Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse. So please just queue in and wait and don't risk it because I see all of the information of who queues in and when.

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also, needs to be said, if the bot matches two of the same clan, must end the match as a non match and reported as such, right?

The bot won't match up people it knows are from the same clan, though the bot's info might be out of date if you changed clans since you last authenticated. You can tell the bot /status to find out which clan it thinks you're in, can't hurt to check :)

ah good to know to check status as it still had me in Plagueis, which I left last year

Quick question does this include the brackets since it is possible for the Brackets to match members of the same clan.

Also good call Brimstone it had me as a rogue.

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