Fist Supplemental 16.2: Drac Goes South for the Winter


Fist Supplemental 16.2: Drac Goes South for the Winter

Good Afternoon DJB Gamers (and the rest of you, too)-

As some of you are already aware, I’m only a part time space-wizard with two head voices and an extreme love of scones and salt. The rest of my time is spent wearing camouflage and yelling at captains (I’m still waiting on my damn slides, Turel). One of the things my job requires from time to time is an adventure in the Mojave desert, where I fight against an opposing force and learn exactly how much sleep I can operate on without forgetting my name. Usually, that’s only a one month thing...this time it’s two one month things, with a 10 day break in between. During those periods, my cell phone and internet access is extremely limited, with zero access at times.

During the periods where I am completely unavailable, Edgar will be your go-to for any gaming related issues/questions. He has my complete trust to run things when I am not around, and I ask that you are patient with anything that requires a major decision. We’re not going to add any new games while I am gone, nor will we make any major gaming policy change. I need to be clear, this is not a leave of absence. I just want to make sure you all know that I’m not ignoring you if you go days without hearing back from me, as well as whose belly button to poke if you can’t get ahold of me.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to keep up with everyone. I truly enjoy interacting with the DB’s gaming community on a daily basis, and going without my telegram fix will be difficult.

Well...that and having no access to alcohol.


Keep on gaming!



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