Fist Supplemental #20.1


Fist Supplemental #20.1

Message from the Fist

Aloha, DJB-

Quick update on a couple of things. TL;DR up front for those who dislike reading.

  1. Destiny 1 is no longer a supported platform
  2. Update on Brotherhood Gaming League (bot matching for HotS now required)
  3. Plan for Frosty's Memorial Title and Accessory
  4. Random musing: No, I can’t do whatever I want.
  5. Drac Flee!


Destiny 1

After a two week grace period, I have seen no activity for Destiny 1. As a result, I have removed it from our catalogue of supported games. From this point forward, Destiny 1 is unavailable for Clusters of Earth, Fire, or milestone Pendants of Blood.


Brotherhood Gaming League Update

Couple of comments: First, now that Heroes of the Storm 1v1 is fully supported, all future BGL HotS require queuing with the bot. This ensures that you are properly rewarded for playing (woo clusters) and it also helps me capture platform utilization for a supported game. It's no secret that I like statistics.

Second, after consideration we have made a final decision on the title and reward for the Brotherhood Gaming League events.

The overall winner of each of the different games (HotS, JA, OW, HS) will receive a specialized title and an accessory in the form of a trophy. This item will only be awarded to the winner. The top three placements will receive crescents as normal.

In honor of Frosty Romanae, the title awarded to each victor will be:

  • The Frosty Romanae Memorial BGL Champion - (Insert Game Name) 2018

The trophy design is still in the works, but will depict Frosty's avatar on top of a four column trophy with a plaque displaying the name of the game for which it was won.

For those who win these titles, know that you are not only the best of the best for the platform you won, you are also part of a permanent memorial to Frosty, one of the absolute best members of our gaming community for a very long time.


Random Musing: No, I Can't Just Do Whatever I Want

A comment was made the other day in DB Gaming that I think merits a quick note here. As Fist, I am overall responsible for ensuring the health of our gaming community. That means providing opportunities for competitions, recommending adjustments to cluster values for games to ensure that rewards are fair and balanced, and recommending new games for support if they appear to have enough interest. I want to note the key word in two of those areas: recommending.

I do not have the authority to do whatever I want. I can't just add a game because I like it. I can't nerf or buff cluster values for games because I want to. Everything I do must be supported by data or valid reasoning. Every change or addition I make is discussed with the entire DC and approved by the GM and DGM. This is a check and balance system that ensures that any decision I want to make is in the best interest of the club. Let me assure you, not every change I want to make has been approved. Not every game I have recommended has been added. Not every additional game mode I have recommended has been added.

So hopefully that dispels any rumors that are floating around. Simply put: No. I can't do whatever I want.


Drac Flee!

I’ll be on vacation from 30 July to 3 August. Wife and I are taking backpacks, flying to Molokai, and disconnecting for a few days. I will have zero DJB access for that time. Junazee will have the helm while I am gone, so please bring any issues to her.


Junazee will be posting her mid-month report in the next few days. Expect a lot of great info. The new staff is doing a phenomenal job of keeping up with all your gaming activity, creating competitions, and bringing fresh ideas to the table. We are already starting our planning effort for 2019, and I'm looking forward to sharing our plans as they come to fruition.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.


Glad to see Frosty represented in an upcoming gaming league. Honorable stuff Drac.

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