Fist Supplemental #34.1 (UPDATE)


Fist Supplemental #34.1 (UPDATE)


Today, Destiny 2’a newest expansion went live, and with it the “New Light” free version of the game.

This free version starts all players at 750 power, which means that just by downloading the game new Destiny players will automatically meet the milestones for the six pendants of blood we currently offer. Clearly, that isn’t the way things should work.

Effective immediately, Destiny 2 PoB levels have been increased to 850, 890, 900, 920, 930, and 940.

A reminder, you may only earn six TOTAL Pendants of Blood for Destiny 2. So if you have already earned three, you will not be eligible for your next PoB until you reach power/light level 920.


Good catch before exploiting happened

Fast work by the FIST staff. Cheers.

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