Fist Supplemental #37.1 (Drac Flee!)


Fist Supplemental #37.1 (Drac Flee!)


Drac Flee!

Members of the Dark Brotherhood-

I will be out of the country on business for the next three weeks. I will have access to email and my Google Drive, but my Discord/DB website access may be spotty. If for any reason I am not able to connect to Discord or the DB website, Aldaric and the rest of the Fist staff are always available to answer your questions, process your gaming submissions, and approve your competitions! I’ll be home sometime on the 19th.

As a reminder, SWTOR Tribune applications go through November 20th. That is the last day I will accept applications. I intend to make my decision no later than the 22nd of November so I have time to bring the new Tribune on staff and get them started before I leave the country yet again in December (so much work travel these days!).

The sooner you apply, the sooner I can ask you follow up questions (if I have any for you).

You can find the application form here.


GMRG Society and Leaderboard Rework

The Fist staff is hard at work looking at the redesign of the GMRG Society Ranking method. The biggest hurdle right now is figuring out the point values for activities and content creation, as well as what things will actually qualify for society points.

Example: My current train of thought is to only include DB-wide gaming competitions for society credit. I am also considering providing a larger points modifier to DB-wide competitions to encourage members to provide content for everyone.

As with everything I do, I’ll be as transparent as possible and will share the initial recommendation with both the Dark Council and your Consuls. Once I have something solid, I will share the full update with the DB at large.

The goal is to have this project complete and implemented by January 1st to coincide with the start of the next GMRG Leaderboard quarter.


Casual Gaming Update

Casual gaming is becoming a favored option for many of our gamers. As this moves forward, there are some things I am looking at to ensure it is a viable option for everyone to earn GMRG Society points. The number one thing on the list is increasing the daily/weekly cluster cap. I need another month of Casual Gaming submissions in order to comfortably make that decision. But as it stands now, this is highly likely. I am also watching the submissions to see games that may be worth supporting (cough Back 4 Blood cough).

So keep on playing the games you like!

As always, if you have questions, reach out. I’ll see you all again the week before USA Turkey Day!

-Dracpool, out.


Great report Drac!

Nice report, Stay safe. Looking forward to the new Society changes.

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