Fist Supplemental Report - Overwatch 2 Added As A Supported Platform!


Fist Supplemental Report - Overwatch 2 Added As A Supported Platform!


Overwatch 2 is now a supported platform


Overwatch 2 has been added for both PVP and PVE support. Screenshot guidelines can be found on the supported games wiki page. 5v5 covers both quickplay and competitive matches (sorry comp players but there is no way to distinguish the mode from the screenshot to my knowledge). Overwatch 2 is set to roll out a full PVE mode later this year which will receive DB support if enough people play it.

  • 5v5 - 3 CF
  • 3v3 - 2 CF
  • Vs. AI - 2 CE

Don't forget that the end of match score screen does not come up automatically in Overwatch 2, the submitting member will need to bring up the scoreboard after the match ends but before the play of game starts

Overwatch 2 is free to play (though you will need to link your account to a cell phone number if you did not play the first game) and cross-platform between Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC.



Thank you to all who submitted OW2 to the casual queue. The Fist staff is currently looking for more platforms to adopt but we need player data from casual queue in order to make that happen. If you want to see a game supported, make sure to submit matches of that game to the casual queue! Even matches during an open beta cough Diablo 4 cough can help expedite the process and demonstrate interest.

Rajhin Cindertail aka Turel

Fist of the Brotherhood


More games for the Fist god

Yay. OW2 is supported and also free to play.

Came for the Diablo 3 final season events. Left with sadness.

Woo!! OW2!!

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