Funny (and not so funny) Prestige Report


Funny (and not so funny) Prestige Report

So it turns out as the OFFFICIAL battleteam sergeant, I have the ability to write very important, reporty-type reports for all....4 or how ever many of us are in this BT. Therefore I will abuse this power, because I want to.

To make this an official and very important report, I am going to include some very important statistics. I added the total prestige of various units up, because I thought it might be funny. Here are the results:

The Home (us) 22,699
Old Folks 15,782

Disciples of Dreypa (CP) 3,180
Dark Forge (ARC) 5,572
Shadow's Bane (CNS) 6,637
Ooroo (Odan) 7,668
Knights of Tau (TAR) 19,363

Most Disturbing:
Acclivis Draco (CSP) 24,008

Some BT in CSP thinks they can have more prestige than us, which is ridiculous. I don't sit around doing a lot of non-DB things to NOT have the most prestige. Granted, this is the BT which has Arania, Kai and Thran in it, along with numerous other members, and we only have 4 people...but that is beside the point. You people need to suck it up and earn more prestige immediately!

I will continue to not do anything unless I am absolutely forced to do so. Carry on.

Damn you, The Home! Damn you all to hell!


The Home is being beaten? This cannot stand! Arise, ye lazy asses! ARISE!

Put Halc back in The Home, problem solved :P


Are you telling me that you lazy 4 people let 15 people just nose out in front of you.....pwwwwh, what good is this OFH....

I call for an immediate restructure of the clan, which will the Old Folks and the Home reunited as a battleteam directly linked to the clan, and not a to a house each. That'll show em!

"which will see"

Yes, its Vodo's time to shine! Where do I submit my application?

Kir is gay.

Really, really gay.

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