[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 1


[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 1

Galactic Happenings Chapter 1

The Council Chamber
The Ascent
Arx System — Brotherhood Territory
41 ABY

The Council sat silently watching. The Grand Master demanded their full attention.

Darth Nehalem strained, his full might and mastery of the Force focused on the crystal before him. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead as his hand cracked into an unnatural shape, broken from the Grand Master’s own exertion of power. His low, guttural growl morphed into a mix of pain, frustration, rage, and most of all, disappointment.

After months of trials, study, research and he still could not conjure a full portal. He relaxed, and the various crystals that had been carefully stacked before him fell unceremoniously to the ground.

Is that really the best you can do? I expect more from a Grand Master.

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  • The Council meets.
  • Darth Nehalem once again attempts to mimic the portals the Children of Mortis used to escape in their assault on the seven clans.
  • Failing, he receives a telepathic taunt from the former Grand Master, Telaris Cantor.
  • The Council reports the Brotherhood's continued growth and the disappearance of the Children of Mortis.
  • The Grand Master confirms war is on the horizon, both against the Children and Cantor, wherever they might be hiding.


More Info

Welcome to the next set of club fiction updates. Having had some time for all of the clans to work on their own storylines, we pick up months after the last war with what will be a series of “State of the Galaxy” type updates. Expect to see chapters featuring all of our wonderful factions as we see how the last few years of events have changed and shaped their development. Also for some fresh air, we are planning on having several other people in the story group write these updates. Expect to see more over the next few weeks, and then some groundwork laying for lead up to the war this fall.



I am excited to see Evant open a portal to the fridge for his beer.
Evant Beer

Nicely done.

I'll fire up the grills and get the kitchen staff ready. Look likes there's gonna be a bunch of mouths to feed.

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