[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 2


[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 2

Galactic Happenings Chapter 1

Docking Bay
The Shattered Cell
Strike-class Tenixir r20 Medium Cruiser
Vroj’h System — “Neutral” Territory
41 ABY

“Please, Zyft,” Rasha Hawee continued to plead. She was wrestling with the restraints around her wrists. Thick calluses had formed, preventing bleeding from the effort. Zyft Yadar shifted uncomfortably where she stood. Her ear twitched, and with one hand she itched at it, while the other hand moved to her belt, hovering over a small remote activator.

“Rasha, don’t make me use this again,” the Revenant Captain said. The duty had fallen to her by default, a duty Zyft had never wanted in the first place. The Revenants had barely survived Dandoran, as they had barely survived the Principate. It was out of desperation to keep the Revenants together, and maybe a flash of love for what her former Captain, Rasha, had helped build, that she took the job.

That same love for her Captain, her friend, had held off today’s events for months and months. Zyft was out of excuses to postpone. Rasha Hawee had to be dealt with.

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  • The Tenixir Revenants prepare to meet an important client.
  • Still captive since Dandoran, the former Captain Rasha Hawee pleads for her life.
  • Zyft Yadar, the new Revenant Captain, has spent months trying to prove Hawee innocent of her actions, all to no avail.
  • Their client, Eeth Hal, representing The Collective, arrives.
  • The Revenants seem to have no idea of The Collective’s history with the Brotherhood.
  • The Revenants exchange stolen cybernetic technology for credits.
  • Eeth Hal also takes Rasha Hawee in as a prisoner to be tested upon.
  • Additional goods are requested to be located for a generous sum, Zyft accepts the job.



Oooo, plot twist.


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