[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 4


[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 4

Galactic Happenings Chapter 4

Triumvirate Offices
Yuris System — Severian Principate Territory
41 ABY

Valis Rendeshi straightened the files on her desk while her mind poured over the general logistics of the Principate’s continued efforts of stability. The Triumvir of Steel paused her organization efforts only for a momentary sip of water. Hydration was always critical. Most would say the breaks occurred every minute or so. Valis would correct that to the note of being exactly a minute.

Satisfied at last, she sat back in her chair and reached for a separate glass, a fine brandy, a victory gift from her supporters that she had slowly been enjoying over the months since her election.

Across the room, The Triumvir of Words sat straight, seemingly even more uncomfortable in her new position than Valis. Jacinta Ni’Erilia had been an odd elective choice by the Principate. They were nearly universally exhausted of the strong military minds that Jacinta represented. From the fall of the Empire, the massive shortcomings of the New Republic, the terror of the First Order, the stories of Exogol and the Final Order, all the way to the horrible events on Dandoran, many systems had aligned with the Principate’s reformed efforts.

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  • The Principate is reformed following the success of the Harmonists on Dandoran.
  • Recently elected Valis Rendeshi and Jacinta Ni’Erilia focus on the logistics of converting the Principate fleet into humanitarian vessels while offloading military assets to the Brotherhood.
  • Vairya Muktiba has been off onboard the Commodus the large Imperial Star Destroyer that has been converted into a mobile hospital.
  • This humanitarian effort has led to many systems requesting to join the Principate but also has left Vairya exhausted as she travels from system to system.
  • Built to provide aid, their alliance with the Brotherhood is stronger than ever, with the Brotherhood being the defender and the Principate being the aid and support.


Ships? sounds like a huge payday to the Regents office.

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