[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 5


[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 5

Galactic Happenings Chapter 5

Throne Room
Fortress of the Unchained
The Ethereal Realm
41 ABY

It was far from the magnificent cathedral of crystal it had intended to be.

Construction had begun immediately after their forces had abandoned the world seeds in the Brotherhood’s systems. They had hoped to pull resources from those seeds to help build the Fortress, the final line of defense, the seat for the Breaker of the Chain. But then…

Crystalline dust lightly fell from the ceiling as the ground shook ever so slightly, coating the fortress’s blueprints. The plans were old, written on paper, copied again and again over the centuries, being perfected for the final assault.

The Throne Room was the first of the Fortress to be built, ages ago, left sitting in the Ethereal Realm like an egg waiting to hatch. At long last the Fortress was now taking shape around it.

The Father paced slowly around the room while his most trusted leaders, the last of his true disciples over the ages, sat in silence around the table. The host body his spirit now inhabited had grown nicely, but came with the shortcomings of flesh: adrenaline flooded his system, and a constant need to move ate away at him. By The Father’s estimate, it was now roughly in its mid-twenties, the accelerated aging coming to a stop.

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  • The Children of Mortis have been busy, building their great crystalline fortress in the Ethereal Realm.
  • The Harbinger is confirmed to be a modified clone of The Father’s original flesh body.
  • The leadership of the Children are restless, the Brotherhood’s presence is needed.
  • The Force requires balance, in this case not Light and Dark, but instead of those who would seek to unchain it, and those who would not.
  • The Father had made many attempts over the years to do this. Each was a learning experience.
  • The crystals continue to speak to Avitus who is growing more uncomfortable with the Children each day.
  • The Children decide to poke the Brotherhood in the right direction on how to open the portals.
  • Avitus returns to his shared quarters with Saira, the Mother of the Father’s current flesh vessel.
  • Saira presses Avitus to run away from all of this before there is no turning back.


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