[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 6 & Mini Event


[Galactic Happenings] Chapter 6 & Mini Event

Galactic Happenings Chapter 6

The Council Chamber
The Ascent
Arx System — Brotherhood Territory
41 ABY

“You say it came to you in a dream?” Howlader growled. “That seems rather Kra—"

“—Suspicious. This isn't the first time the darkness has whispered back to you, my Lord,” Dacien interjected. Several Councilors subconsciously reached for the weapons at their waists.

The Grand Master stood beneath a large holoprojection, the apparent solution to the quandary of the portals. He did not lash out violently, which in a way the Councilor felt was more disturbing.

“I know my mind, more than you know yours, Dacien. Cantor may be taunting me, but this is the solution we need,” he said, raising his hands dramatically over his head.

“The scale model did stabilize the portal,” Headmistress Alethia noted, leaning forward in her seat.

“Even if it is functional, do we have access to enough crystals to do this? Or should we start asking for volunteers to crystalize?” Rian asked. It was a practical question; they did in fact now know how to create new crystals themselves. It was a rather morbid one, however. Alethia scoffed at asking and volunteers.

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  • The psychic promptings of the Children push Darth Nehalem to a solution on how to construct a portal to the ethereal realm.
  • It is decided a large-scale portal will be constructed for all of the Brotherhood’s forces to attack the Children, and for the Grand Master to hunt down Telaris Cantor.
  • Early explorations of the Ethereal Realm report it as spooky and haunted.
  • Logistics for building the portal are discussed. The call to prepare for war is issued to the Brotherhood.


A Focused Competition Collection


Build it and they will come is a small collection of competitions I’ll be running all loosely connected to the building of the portal mentioned above. Much like the Prison Break event that introduced the Tenixir Revenants, this is a bit of an introduction to where the war will be heading, The Ethereal Realm.

These events are super casual, featuring fiction, creating a blueprint, gaming, trivia, and a puzzle. Each competition will award points to the container, where the winner will be featured in the opening chapter of the war later this year!

All competitions can be viewed here.


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