[Galeres] Quaestor Report 3.30.16


[Galeres] Quaestor Report 3.30.16


Brethren of Galeres,

We are movers and shakers in the month of March! Our beloved Aedile Uji Tameike has moved up to Proconsul of Clan Arcona and our very own Celahir Erinos Arconae has moved up to Quaestor of House Qel-Droma! These men were vital in our growth and progression as a House and a Clan; rightfully, they are elevated to positions of more import to better help our Clan's members continue to progress, grow, and have fun!

With their recent departures, we have some newly appointed individuals across the board. Stepping into the Aedile role is Wuntila Arconae! A former Consul of Clan Arcona, he adds depth to our leadership team and had an application focused on the fictional development of the House (and Clan) as well as heightened communication amongst leadership and membership.

alt text

Stepping into the Battle Team Leader role will be Zakath Agrona! He has served as a Quaestor within Clan Arcona previously and worked alongside me during my tenure as Proconsul of Clan Arcona. He currently spearheads the organization and distribution of Fiction Topics within the Clan and this role will let him influence that realm even more for us.

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Stepping up to help our Battle Team Leaders will be two appointed Battle Team Sergeants: Emily Hune of the Nighthawk and Tamashi Bloodfyre of Soulfire. Both members have contributed at either the Brotherhood-wide or Clan-wide level and are being inducted into the Galeres way of leadership.


The Galeres Way

With so many changes to our leadership team, and a recent conversation with one of my members, I realized that I have not done a good job of explaining how we operate or rather how I envision our leadership team operating. Today, I am going to peel back the top to how I work with the Galeres Leadership Team to provide our members an exceptional experience in the Brotherhood.

Mission Statement: To radically and violently break down walls and roadblocks that prevent our members from growth, development, and fun. To perpetuate an environment that is inclusive, family oriented, and errors on the side of over communicating. To develop content that not only drives participation, but gives rise to actual development for both members and characters.

Battle Team (BT) members and the Battle Team Sergeant (BTS) (as the role model BT member; the first of the people) would drive the BT forward. This means providing content for the BT (competitions, fictions, events), keeping track of members (what they are working on, what they are working towards), motivating and inspiring people to want to show up every day, standing forth as an example for others, helping train up and coming members by assisting/teaching any member who shows interest or needs help. The Battle Team Leader (BTL) would be at their side; available if they have questions, need a nudge, and ensuring things are getting done.

BTLs would drive the House forward. They represent what an ideal member should be (the best version of ourselves). Not only are they pushing the BTS to keep their members happy, they are helping them in the construct of competitions and communication. While a BTS would communicate with the team, a BTL would communicate what the team is working on/doing to the House (and Clan). While the BT members and BTS are driving the team forward with their help, the BTL is tackling content that will drive the House/Clan forward (i.e. Fiction, Gaming, Mentorship, etc). While running larger events and producing larger content, they are receiving insight/instruction from the Aedile (AED) and Quaestor (QUA) about tracking activity, awarding members, writing recommendations, constructing reports, and building events/content that are inclusive and member-driven.

The AED is the lynchpin. Working in concert with the Proconsul (PCON), he helps in the day-to-day operation of the BTs, House, and Clan. This could be simple administration (updating clan mailer, updating Trello boards, moving members, writing recommendations, etc) or helping complete projects (coding Wiki, proofreading a proposal, giving advice on how to best create content). If the Clan is stalling, it is on the AED to get things in the House moving. The AED works side-by-side with the BTLs to make sure the BT members and BTS are in good shape while continuing work on their BTL projects as assigned by the AED or QUA.

The QUA is a jack of all trades, master of none. They move where the House needs the effort/focus to remove roadblocks and disruptions. If a project requires immediate attention with little or no turnaround time, the QUA is dispatched to it. They are accountable for all things: promotion/award rate, outlining the direction of the leadership team, creating an environment that fits the mission statement. Sometimes this means working with a BT member directly, teaching a BTL something new, or planning one/two/three months out with the Aedile to ensure the House (and Clan as a byproduct) are progressing in the proper direction.



It was recently decided upon that Soulfire Battle Team would be moved to Legendary Unit status within Clan Arcona. For those of you unfamiliar with the Legendary Unit Program we rolled out in February, they are small groups meant to bring people together in the Clan - generally, with similar interests - regardless of House or Battle Team placement. This allows for us to do some unique things with our storyline and Character Development without compromising the current House/Battle Team structures. We are excited to see the first drafts of this unit as it joins our other Legendary Unit Void Squadron.

alt text

With Soulfire leaving House Galeres, the existing members have been furiously working to brainstorm new ideas for a Battle Team. Under the careful supervision of Zakath Agrona and Tamashi Bloodfyre the team has been able to generate four unique perspectives and is now voting on which version they like the best. Once we have more definite answers, we will be sharing the new fiction and outline for the Battle Team. I'm really excited by the conversation that is on-going and the willingness of the members to collaborate with one another. I think we will have something great to reveal to the Clan in the next month!


House Galeres Wiki

We are currently working - very quickly - to provide a new House Wiki Page. We have received feedback that our mission both as a House and Battle Teams is not very clear. In reaction to this constructive (and accurate) feedback, we have already blown through two versions of redrafts. And, just today, I opened it up for other members to look over the new content to provide insight, ideas, proofing, etc.

Here is an excerpt:

The Cultural Element

The Dark Jedi

Wielders of a power both arcane and awe-inspiring, the Dark Jedi of House Galeres fall into two categories: Sith & Grey Jedi. Some have sought out the Brotherhood to advance their power. Others have been chased to this sanctuary for the Force adept. Whatever their circumstances were, the secrets of the Force unlocked by the Serpentine Throne now hold their loyalty in thrall. This cabal of Force Users now integrate themselves into the Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) and Arcona Expeditionary Force (AEF) as Agents of the Serpentine Throne. Their command of the mystical power creates loyalty in the enlisted ranks and fear amongst the enemies of House Galeres and Clan Arcona.

The Loyalists

The rise in Clan Arcona's prominence throughout the Dark Crusade created a groundswell of capable - and willing - members of the DDF and AEF to be taken into the Clan's confidence. These individuals have served as the pilots, soldiers, and tacticians for the Clan as it clawed it's way atop the ranks of the Brotherhood's power hierarchy. Entrusted with the Serpentine Throne's mission, these strategists, tacticians, and commanders form the core of the Clan's military might. Their powers are not tied to The Force, but are often regarded just as highly within the ranks of the Clan. Their ability to sway hearts and minds to their will, the brilliance and speed of their decision-making, and their loyalty make them powerful advocates of the Clan.

The Mercenaries

For every mission profile there is a unit. Until there isn't. Initially frowned upon within the Brotherhood, mercenaries have become a relevant and critical part of operations within House Galeres and Clan Arcona. Often tasked with missions that do not fit conventional means, the mercenaries of House Galeres work alongside both Loyalists and Dark Jedi to bring the will of the Shadow Lady and her Scion to fruition. Whether it is their eye-hand coordination, hand-to-hand combat, or divergent minds, the mercenaries provide unique skills that no other member can deliver. They are the dashing, bold element of the military that has no name and cannot be seen on any official records.


Shadow Lady's Spring Spectacular

Our beloved Consul, Atyiru Caesura Entar is hosting a series of spring competitions. Lets continue to make this a wild success and drive participation in the Clan! After all, if we want to claim the title First House of the Brotherhood, we will have to work diligently in both participation and placement to steal those honors away from House Qel-Droma.

Special thank you to Zakath Agrona, Riverche, Tamashi Bloodfyre, Xenna Azara, Ood Bnar, Arcia Cortel, Ernordeth Puer-Irae, PaRapRappa, and Shawnathan Do'Urden for their participation thus far. Here is the breakdown for total participation for the House:

alt text


House Conclave

I will be holding the first House Conclave this coming week. In the fairness of gathering as many people as possible, I am setting it for Saturday, April 2nd at 9AM PDT/12PM EST/4PM GMT. While these times may not cover everyone, I am hoping it will allow for a majority of members to attend the Conclave. This meeting will occur in the House Galeres Chat on Telegram. If you are currently not a member of this chat, please reach out to Wuntila or myself for an invite.

The purpose of this Conclave - and those going forward - is to create an open environment to present issues, submit proposals, and discuss the future of the House. Not every problem will have an immediate answer, but it will begin the process of solving issues and removing roadblocks for the success of our House. This will also be an open forum to discuss ideas for the House and see if there is member interest before proceeding.

Lastly, we will be using a semi-moderated format. The rules are simple: when wanting to present/discuss a new idea, you will PM the discussion moderator (me). I will give you the floor and your fellow members will allow you to speak completely. Once you are finished, they will be allowed to ask questions (one member at a time). This is meant to increase understanding of the issue/idea presented and answer questions others might be thinking, but unsure of how to ask. It will not be a free for all (members will not be answering several lines of questions at the same time from different sources).

I look forward to seeing you there! If you would like to discuss issues/ideas beforehand, I am but an e-mail away. By discussing in advance, I can set an agenda and help you present your idea the best way possible.



March saw a lot of changes and reactions to those changes. April will be about digging into the meat & potatoes of the House to solve our issues and have the board set for DOMINANCE in May. There will be work... lots of it! Roll up your sleeves, partner with your leadership team, and lets knock it out in the next couple of weeks. We can rebuild our Wiki, dominate Arcona Gaming Dominance, run up the Grand Master's Royal Guard leader boards, and have a TON OF FUN while we are at it.

As always, the Galeres Leadership Team is here for you. If you need assistance with development of your skills, character development, or a gaming partner... just give us a shout!

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kaeth
Quaestor of Galeres

Way to go Gal Pals!

Great report!

Special thanks to the Herald's Office for creating our new banner and dividers! Many thanks to Wuntila Arconae for keeping us expanding in new, meaningful ways.

Mmmm, this is a well formatted, organized, and presented report. I love it. GG Galeres.

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