Gaming Update #2


Gaming Update #2

Hey guys and girls,

So this will be another quick update from your FIST. We had some recent changes come to the Brotherhood gaming platforms and as such want to make you all aware of these changes as soon as possible. So the update is happening now instead of the end of month report. Make sure to read them they are as follows:


Star Conflict

As it has been brought to the attention of the FIST Office we found a new game mode has been added into Star Conflict this means that you can fight against a full Bot team. For this the following must be followed when fighting against an AI team.

  • Submit it under the PvE category using the Star Conflict Skirmish vs Bots.

My team and myself will be keeping an eye on the matches people and just remember that this rule is now implemented for when you come across an enemy AI team.


Destiny Changes:

After talks with the guys that play Destiny like it is a religion, we came to the following decision regarding changes that need to be made.

  • Prison of Elders will be reduced from 24 CoE to 20
  • Dreadnaught- The Taken King will also be reduced from 24 to 20


Guide to Help you.

The FIST Staff often see quite a few requests on a daily basis on getting games added to the site, this is something we have to look over and the same requirements come up time and time again. So to save some time and let you all know what we actually are looking for, Ernordeth has created this awesome guide to help you all. You can find it Here

Right that's it for me, update over go out there and have fun with gaming people I know that I will be over the next few days.


I hear they might be patching the Prison of Elders to provide better gear, to encourage people to go into it again!

I hope everyone enjoys the guide. It's probably the most asked question we've gotten over the last year.

Atra, yeah! In April there's a free update that is supposed to include some new stuff. The image showed PoE gear with a Taken shader. Beyond excited!

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