Gaming Update #31


Gaming Update #31

Topics for this report include GJW Gaming Information, Feedback request for Non-GJW Gaming during a GJW, and many old Star Wars Games are available again. With the return of X-Wing Series games the CF and PvP Score for them were leveled. Star Conflict Corporation opens its doors for members and more discussion on Tier 2 Games retiring.

Challenges, Match Restrictions, and GJW Gaming

Just over two years ago the Match allowance per day was increased from 6 to 12, however the minimum Matches to meet a challenge was left at 3. Things went ok for the most part since then, until this round of the GJW. I received a lot of negative feedback, both through email and through the DBGaming channel, about how people felt when opponents would only play 3 matches with a evenly or more skilled opponent, but would take all 12 if a less skilled opponent was up for it.

The Gaming competitions are meant to measure skill, and by utilizing a tactic which minimizes playing challenging matches that can skew the results. So in the next round what you'll see is that Matches will be limited to 3 per opponent, per platform, per day. The same amount you need to play when challenged. As an example, during this past round if the rule had been in effect Liam and Marick could have played 3 JA Matches, 3 TOR - Open Duel Matches, and 3 TOR - Level 15 Matches each day.

Depending on how things play out this round we may add this restriction into the Vendetta ROC. We'll find out. Oh, late spoiler alert... next round is another ladder.

Feedback Request - Playing Non-GJW Games/Platforms during a GJW

I had a few questions come up recently about how two members who wanted to play a Match in a Non-GJW Platform, but didn't want to enter DBGaming because they would be likely to get challenged to a GJW Platform match. After some discussion I wanted to put an idea out there to get some feedback on.

PROPOSAL FOR FEEDBACK ONLY!!! NOT AN ACTUAL RULE!! If two members want to play a Match in a Platform which is not currently being utilized in a GJW / Vendetta they may set up the Matches through a Challenge in #DB.

Example of what this would allow IF ADOPTED:

  • Situation 1 - During Round 1 Liam and Marick want to play Starcraft 2. It is not a platform that is included in the Round 1 events. They make the challenge to each other in #DB instead of #DBGaming.
  • Situation 2 - During Round 1 Liam and V'yr want to play a Jedi Academy Match. It is a platform included in the Round 1 events, they still need to make their challenge in #DBGaming even though it is not a match which will be counted toward the GJW competition (because they're both HOU).

I'll be using the Forums to collect this feedback. Check out the forum topic here and add your thoughts!

Good Old Games - A Good Week for Star Wars Gaming

As detailed in several News Posts this week by Delak and Halc the folks at Good Old Games have released a bunch of Star Wars oldies for everyone.

  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron
  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack
  • Star Wars X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
  • Star Wars X-Wing Alliance
  • Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
  • Star Wars Battlefront II (20% discount)
  • Star Wars Dark Forces (20% discount)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (20% discount)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (20% discount)

Take a look at their new post for the details on the launches of these games which went out on January 20th and January 22nd.

X-Wing Series - CF and PVP Score Weighting

With the release of the new parts to the X-Wing Series (XvT, XWA) and the help of some old Club gamers (thanks Zoron, Yacks and Pravus!) we've made some adjustments to the CF and PVP Score Weighting for the X-Wing Series games. Similar to previous rounds of weighting this was focused around comparing an X-Wing Series match time (10 minutes per ROC) to a JA Match. The result was that it takes approximately twice the time to complete an X-Wing Series Match.

CF and PVP Score Weighting has already been updated in the system to reflect awards at that ratio. Enjoy!

Star Conflict Corporation

Yesterday we established a Corporation within the Star Conflict Game. The Corporation's name is the Dark Brotherhood. The following folks are able to invite you to join it, be aware that Star Conflict is sensitive to capital letters and there are no spaces in the in game names:

  • Valhavoc
  • LandonCruise
  • LTDrakeStarfire

We've currently got 5 of 20 spots filled in the corporation, but if more people are wanting to join I can buy a few expansions to give us more room in it. I even flew two skirmishes yesterday, after having not played the game since August 2013 lol.

The future (or not) of unpopular Tier 2 Gaming Platforms

About a month ago I started asking for feedback related to this on our Forums. The result was that most individuals like the second option which had been proposed:

  • Any Tier 2 Game (except Star Wars Games) which has no matches submitted in a 12 month period is removed.

There were some suggestions to run a competition for the platform at the end of the 12 month period prior to removal, to see if there was any interest in it. I think we all know that almost any competition that is run will get submissions, which would create an endless loop of no Tier 2 games meeting this criteria. Hell, if I wasn't running it I'd track down the game and pocket a 2nd level Crescent as one of the few participants.

Although there is merit in calling out that a Platform is about to be retired in case some folks want to sweep in to save it for nostalgia's sake. So what I'm proposing is the following:

  • Any Tier 2 Game (except Star Wars Games) which has no matches submitted in a 12 month period may be removed after notification of this game's "Near Retirement" status in a Fist Report and no earlier than one month after the Report is published.

I'm adding that in the Forum Thread related to this topic for additional discussion. If feedback is positive following the GJW we'll look at starting this process for a few games. Expect only 1 or 2 platforms to go on the chopping block each month, not a spam of all at once.

Non-GJW January Gaming Competitions

January Gorefest (Reposted Section from last Report)

Will be in February. I'm moving this due to the GJW taking up most of the month and to allow members to focus on that. There will still be 12 distinct Gorefest events this year, I promise.

GJW Round 1 Participation Numbers

The idea to include this section was shamelessly stolen from Mav. A total of 73 members participated in Gaming over the course of Round 1 (making it officially the least popular competition of the round). Those 73 individuals submitted a grand total of 272 matches, the vast majority being Jedi Academy Matches. Here's a participation breakdown by house:

  • Clan Arcona: 24/64
  • Clan Naga Sadow: 5/37
  • House Odan-Urr: 8/64
  • Clan Plagueis: 13/39
  • House Scholae Palatinae: 13/47
  • Clan Taldryan: 7/47
  • House Tarentum: 3/25

Gaming Competition Results

Star Wars Galactic Defense: Felucia
  • 1st Place - SBL Montresor (150 Stars - perfect score!)
  • 2nd Place - CCL Solari (112 Stars)
  • 3rd Place - JH Landon Cruise (50 Stars)
The Crystal Fire
  • 1st Place - SWL Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
  • 2nd Place - DJM Howlader Taldrya
Star Wars Commander: The Blood Dawn
  • 1st Place - JH Ulfsark (15 Stars)
  • 2nd Place - DJK Misium (12 Stars)
  • 3rd Place - JH Landon Cruise (11 Stars)

Pendants of Blood

  • 04Jan2014 - 10Jan2015: DJK Nobilus of Clan Arcona, PVP Score of 59.51 (80 Matches Played, 69 Matches Won)
  • PoBs will resume following the GJW.

Thanks for the quick response on the issues Val and for taking the time to discuss it!

The 3/3 min/max should be a welcome change for vendettas to make them less spammy and dependent on opponent selection. Also, yay for PVP ratio adjustments.

I definitely love the idea of 3/3 during vendettas, but still wonder why it wasn't until now that this rule was created. I think this should have been established years ago. Either way, glad to see a more level playing field moving forward!

Things take time, and sometimes within a volonteer organization things take time to be implemented when it comes to changing something that's been a working staple since before you came in (to a respective department)

Thank you, Val, for this excellent, informative Report. Great info all around and great work for everyone who submitted.

Also, you made a mistake using my name for an example: screw ToR ;p

Good stuff. Round two should be fun. Can't wait to see the gaming list. Fingers cross for Star Conflict! LoL, I kid I kid.


At least people can't "tactically" not-play people they don't want to? :P

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