Gaming Update #47


Gaming Update #47

The Fist interupts your regularly scheduled Herald Holiday Special to bring you some gaming updates. Included is a change to the TOR Level Restriction rules, an update on how much the DJB loves Battlefront, and some changes made to align the Cluster Wiki Pages with the Gaming Platform Overview page mentioned in my last report.

Battlefront - One Month Later

Just over one month ago Battlefront released and the DJB has been tearing it up, but exaclty how much have we been playing it? Well, earlier today I ran some numbers can can give you a breakdown of submissions since November 17th.

  • Battlefront: 368 submissions
  • Destiny: 103
  • Diablo 3: 79 submissions
  • Jedi Academy: 62 submissions
  • Pazaak: 49 submissions
  • Star Conflict: 38 submissions
  • TOR: 35 submissions
  • Starcraft: 2 submissions

If you break down those numbers into percentages, you'll see 50% of the gaming activity being submitted for Clusters through our website is Battlefront. That's pretty fantastic, and its exciting to see that a Star Wars Game has taken such a commanding lead as our Club's game of choice once again.

TOR - KotFE Scaling Mechanic and Level Restrictions

When TOR's newest expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, launched it brought with it a change to the way that levels work on older content. Similar to how Warzones Bolster lower level members to try to even the playing field, content will now scale characters power down when they return to old planets. With this mechanic in play there is no longer a reason for us to maintain the Level Restrictions that were in place for Flashpoints, Operations, Heroic Missions, and anything else I may have forgotten.

Effective today there are no longer level restrictions for TOR Gaming Submissions. Get after it!

On Gaming Platform Overview Page & Wiki Cluster Tables

Last report I briefly covered the Gaming Platform Overview page, a link to this can also be found after clicking the Submit Gaming Scores option on your Admin Menu, this feature makes obsolete the practice of maintaining an updated Cluster of Fire / Earth Table on the Wiki. All values shown on the screen update real time based on any changes that are made to the Gaming Activities and their Modifiers by the Fist or Praetor.

Today I removed the Templates that showed Cluster Tables from the main Cluster of Fire Wiki page and added notes to them indicating they were no longer in use or being updated. Any information which was previously contained in these templates related to submissions was rolled into the Tier 1 or Tier 2 Gaming Platform Wiki pages.

November Gaming Competitions

Pendants of Blood

  • 28Nov2015: Only two members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 28Nov - 04Dec2015: Knight Tasha'Vel Versea of Clan Naga Sadow, PVP Score of 6.55 (22 Matches Played, 12 Matches Won)
  • 05Dec2015: No members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 05 - 11Dec2015: Knight Tasha'Vel Versea of Clan Naga Sadow, PVP Score of 16.0 (48 Matches Played, 32 Matches Won)
  • 12Dec2015: Adept Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae of Clan Arcona, PVP Score of 3.0 (12 Matches Played, 6 Matches Won)
  • 13 - 18Dec2015: Privateer Emily Hune of Clan Arcona, PVP Score of 27.09 (96 Matches Played, 51 Matches Won)
  • 19Dec2015: Only two members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.

If anyone would like to join a Telegram channel listed below, let one of the Fist Staff know and we can send you a join link or invite for it.

  • DB Chat on Telegram Channel
  • DJB Gamers Lounge Telegram Channel
    • SW:TOR Chat Telegram Channel
    • Star Conflict Chat Telegram Channel
    • Diablo 3 Chat Telegram Channel
    • Destiny Chat Telegram Channel

This is fantastic news. Me and my boys are going to have a dramatic increase in TOR play. Thank you for this new application.

So glad restrictions were removed!

aw yeaaa

Woo PoBs. First time I've ever been in a gaming report.

Glad that the level restrictions are gone. Now I can get back to playing for more than just trying to grind my Legacy while waiting for the next patch to drop

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