Get Ready to Rumble!


Get Ready to Rumble!


Get Ready To Rumble!


The only way you will not have heard about the newest event in Plagueis is if you have been living the life of a hermit under a rock somewhere. The event will begin on Sunday and our esteemed leaders Teylas and Selika will battle it out to see who will get the pick of the crop as the entirety of the Plagueis ranks are drafted into their team.

The first competition, Prologue: First pick, will go live this Sunday. All the members of Plagueis will do the event, but the focus is on Teylas and Selika. Whoever comes higher in scoring for the first competition will win their first choice of members to play for their team. After that, the rest of the membership will be picked one by one to be on Team Teylas or Team Selika.

TeamTeylas TeamSelika

This doesn’t mean we are fighting against one another, this is a game. We expect you to root for your team, to go out and have fun doing what we have set up for you. There will be crescents awarded as always for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, including for the first competition.

The usual fare will be on offer, such as fiction, gaming, graphics, etc. but remember, participation in this event matters. For each event you submit to, you will gain points. A submission means a valid entry that conforms to the competition guidelines so no cutting corners!

After Sunday, you should get to know your teams very quickly, then it’s up to you to get your submissions in for each of the events, there being ten per week over three weeks. Make your Team proud, make your House proud and above all, make your Clan proud!

New Positions

We welcome into the house Abadeer Taasii as the new BTL of the Apostles of Syn. Please give him a warm welcome as he warms everyone up for the upcoming Pro Bowl!


Leben Kampf to Apprentice

Arsolimese to Neophyte

Laren Uscot to Professional

Abadeer Taasii to Knight

Ra’gnar to Battlemaster


Arsolimese - Crescent with Sapphire Star x2, Crescent with Emerald Star

Laren Uscot - 1 Crescent with Ruby Star, 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star, 1 Crescent with Diamond Star, 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

Kryy Vitaan - Anteian Cross

Abadeer Taasii - 3xPOB, 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 1 Crescent with Ruby Star, 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

Kelly Mendes - 3xCrescent with Diamond Star, Anteian Cross, Crescent with Amethyst Star, Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Emerald star

Octavia Morgan Obrie - Crescent with Diamond Star

Eiko - 2xCrescent with Ruby Star, Steel Cross, SOL

Ra’gnar - Crescent with Amethyst Star, 3xCrescent with Ruby Star, Dark Cross, 2xCrescent with Sapphire Star

Brimstone - Steel Cross, Crescent with Amethyst Star

Taranae Rhode - Crescent with Ruby Star, Grand Cross, SOL, Crescent with Sapphire Star

Silent - Steel Cross

Arden Karn Di Plagia - 2xCrescent with Amethyst Star, 2xCrescent with ruby Star, Avatar Of Strife Title Awarded, Anteian Cross, SOTM

Va’nia Drellik - Anteian Cross, Crescent with Diamond Star

The Shadow Academy

Arsolimese - 18 exams plus Trial of Identity

Abadeer Taasii - 7 exams plus Dark Maven: Combat, Dark Maven: Legends

Kelly Mendes - Grammar Studies

Competition update

First and foremost, The Plagueis Pro Bowl. Go. Sign up. Do the things. Make us proud!

INQ I Have a List of People

Don’t I Know You?

Topsy Turvey!

The Sound of Music: Star Wars Edition

Real World Plagueis Chat

Character Characteristic(s) Contest

Ask The QUA

Kelly: Are you worried that the market could become over saturated if everyone does this?

A) Yes, but it seems to be a thing right now, and I love bandwagons, plus it sometimes makes for good reading!

And Kelly also asked: Karness Muur or Karnes Muur?

A)Call me biased, but I’ll go with Karness Muur.

Kalon: So..cowbell?

A) Lots!


Viv: has Teylas found all the sticky notes that I hid around his office in the Anchorage when I retired?

A) I’m sure you would have been the first, and last to know, Viv :)

Kul’tak: Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

A) Even Pocahontas couldn't answer that. I can't paint at all :p

Ending Words

As I always say, when doing major events like the one we are hosting from Sunday, participate. Get those points for your team, be it Selika or Teylas. Give them a reason to reward you and go get those shinies!

A big shout out to Kalon and Drac. They have been awesome in the planning of this event. I have had a mere week to sort my end out, and they have been through the initial planning before I took up the mantle of Right Wing of Dread. Without them, this thing couldn’t happen.

Go out there. Do the things. Win. Help your team to victory. BE AWESOME!

I am, your servant,


Awesome report, boss!

Very good report! Do all the things! Do better, suck less

Thank you for the report! I had actually forgotten that it was this Sunday.

Good job apprentice. Always glad to read your reports

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