[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Chapter 2


[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Chapter 2


Small Sky Island
Near Reflection of Eos City
The Ethereal Realm
41 ABY

“Thank you for bringing my Brotherhood to me,” Telaris Cantor said, taking another long drink of the Force-imbued water in his bottle. The former Grand Master stood slowly and turned to face Darth Nehalem.

Nehalem’s heavy, frantic breathing was audible despite the battle raging in the distance. Sweat dripped from his brow. His guard had been left behind ages ago; fueled by the Force and his hatred for Cantor, the current Grand Master had taken no breaks in his rush to reach the island. The other man’s poise and apparent indifference was only the latest abuse for Nehalem to avenge.

“No need to keep up appearances, my apprentice,” Cantor continued. “Once again, you played your role perfectly. A unified Brotherhood. My Empire. The only thing more you could have done was wrap it with a bow.”

A glare that could shatter worlds was his only reply.

“You are being uncharacteristically silent, Evant,” Cantor said. His hand hovered millimeters away from the lightsaber hilt clipped on his belt.

“I saw you taking your pet rock for a walk,” Darth Nehalem finally responded, outstretched arms gesturing to the floating island they stood on. He locked his eyes back on Cantor and continued, “For years you have plagued my dreams. For years I’ve heard your voice on the wind. Today it ends. Today I will be free. Your name will be struck from the annals of history. Your memory will be a curse on the wicked.”

Suppressed deep beyond his conscious mind, his body ached and his lungs screamed from the effort of reaching the island. But as strongly as they would riot, the Grand Master was far beyond ever hearing them. His rage was all-consuming, his focus pure.

“Very well,” Telaris Cantor said with a shrug. He pulled his lightsaber from his belt and activated it before continuing. “Let us end this.”

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  • Darth Nehalem and Telaris Cantor meet face to face.
  • The Brotherhood’s bloody history makes controlling the ghostly reflection of Eos City difficult, as the spirits of the slain relentlessly attack.
  • Many combatants are left back to defend the portal home.
  • Deputy Grand Master Dacien Victae leads the push through the Shattered Plains. The Brotherhood forces near the Fortress of the Unchained.
  • Dacien reflects on the stability of his youth, contrasted against the violent chaos of The Brotherhood’s present situation.
  • The Seer, The Harbinger, and The Arbiter lead the Children’s forces in defense of the Fortress, fighting to give The Father time to do his thing.
  • The Father begins to siphon blood and soul from Avitus Oligard to fuel his ritual.
  • The Chain begins to crack.


The Ethereal Realm

As a reminder this entire war is taking place in the Ethereal Realm. The wikipedia page has a lot of good information about the dangers (and opportunities) that await there. Locations and Force Effects can be found throughout different competitions in the war. Highlights of the realm include:

  • A ghostly reflection of Eos City
  • Sky islands and bizarre gravity
  • Deep trenches of forgotten horrors
  • The Corpse Fields
  • Areas of enhanced force powers, and areas of no force powers
  • Areas where even NFUs can tap into the Force



Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken.

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