Grey Sergeant's Alliance poke


Grey Sergeant's Alliance poke

Hello ladies and Gentlemen

Grey wolf XO here again!

(Tl:DR at bottom)

Welcome back from the holidays!

Or continuing the holidays… you lucky bastards.

Let’s get right to it.

Since the New Year: Our Alliance event with our brethren at BT Shadow Guard of Scholae Palpatine has kicked off with a number of juicy competitions for all of us to compete in, including Fiction, Graphics, Gaming and even a run-on with a rather interesting prompt, and runs till the end of the month.

Main page for Alliance competitions:

Run-On page:

Special comment: The Shadow Academy is a place where one can pick up all sorts of juicy tid-bits of our much loved Star Wars universe. Thus it comes as little surprise yet no less of an achievement, D’Cota James is at it again, passing:

Inquisitorious History

Mandalorian Studies

Jedi Order Core

Grey Jedi Order

Races and Species

Well done! And a very well deserved SA Society rank elevation!

The Point of all this Alliance business is to build relations with the other clans and Battle Teams, broaden our horizons and to have fun. We barely talk to each other outside DJB events, let make a start at something here.

So let’s show them what the Grey Wolves can do! And to Shadow Guard I Salute you!

(TL:DR) It’s only a short one, and I’m too lazy. :p

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