Grey Sergeant's first Report


Grey Sergeant's first Report

Hello my fellow crew mates!

It is I, your battle team sergeant, Lev.

So! As you might have guessed, this is just a quick report from me to keep you up to date on current happenings. Such reports will come from me roughly every two months-ish

Unfortunately, it seems we’ve lost Me’ki to inactivity, weather RL related or simple loss of interest, we wish you the best Me’ki! Despite only being with us for a short time, you are welcome back anytime.

So I’m just going to remind you all that the DB site dose a check every month to see if you’ve signed in. You’ll get warnings if you haven’t signed in for too long, so please do.

So in the spirit of surprises, you know that thing Caesar has been doing? Teasing us? Yeah… I’m going to jump on that boat. We’re taking a little detour out of Tarentum space, let call it a “training” exercise. So charge sabers, prep your gear and bring a shotgun.… and maybe a rain coat.


-Only a few days left for this one, Frosty’s RM puzzle for this month:

-A Chance to shape Grey Wolf history! Find us a base:

There are also a whole bunch of DB wide competitions available, simply go to competitions in the “Main” drop down on the main site and select the box “Show only competitions relevant for me” in the Search drop drown menu.

That’s about it from me, I’m going to go jump on the episode VII hype train now!

~Altheseus Levathan BTS, Grey Wolf

Congrats on a Brilliant Report Lev

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