Grey Wolf Battle Team Report May 2016


Grey Wolf Battle Team Report May 2016

Within the Main Hall several Floating chairs were set in a complete circle. Caesar sat on his chair at the head of

the circle and there was one empty floating chair awaiting its owner, The Battle Team Sergeant. Caesar and the rest of the crew were waiting for Lev to arrive; in the meantime, Caesar was reading important papers, reviewing what was going to happen. Everyone in the main hall, could hear a click, click, click of high heeled boots, walking towards the circle, Caesar raised his head and saw Lev in his Princess Leia outfit. White long dress, black stockings, and 6 inch high heeled boots, as Lev sat beside the Battle Team Leader, crossing his legs provocatively. Lev gave Caesar a knowing smile as the crew’s minds began to catch up to their eyes, seeing their Sargent in this most peculiar outfit, James began to laugh. Caesar took a moment to compose himself, gave a nervous cough and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to explain a few things. Lev is our Battle Team Sergeant and he has usual ways of training himself for his and our duties. For example; wearing long high heeled boots, which are 6 to 7 inches long help with balance, wearing stockings is environmental training, wearing the white dress is movement training and the hair well we can all guess, that one Fashion training. This is all correct and above board on what he is doing, so, while unusual, please try to understand where Lev is coming from.” With that the crew looked and, give Lev a round of applause, and waited for the Battle Team Sergeant to continue his briefing on what was the road ahead. Lev began by saying “You would not believe how fast I can move in a dress”. He stands up and gives a perfect ballet pirouette, to which everyone gave a laugh then settled down to listen to what the Battle Team Sergeant had to say. Lev sat down on his floating chair, as he began to do so, some ancient and obscure yet provocative music began to play: Queen don’t stop me now.

Flashing disco lights began to pulsate, and glow from the chair, Lev just sat there waiting for the music to stop, his face was as still as a dead storm trooper that had seen Darth Vader in a bad mood. The music stopped and Lev began to speak… Part three coming soon…

Hello and Welcome to the Battle Team Leader Report for May, I would like to begin this report by saying that, I am a proud person and in being so my pride begins with you.

The members of the Grey Wolf Battle Team, you and you alone are the team, I would not be here as your Leader and nor would Lev as your second in command, we need to communicate more as a team I know that some members have Real Life problems, Myself included as I have a chest infection, but I am doing ok, and I am here and awaiting to serve you.

My point being we should talk more, as a team if we don’t we will not be around for long, this is why l am going to talk to you via email, over the next few months to talk to you on a person to person level, and get to know you and what your hopes and dreams are for the future. Not just on a DJB level.

Grey Wolf Caesar Award

As you know Lev, in his last report mentioned the Caesar Award, let me explain how this works the Leadership, myself and lev will look through what, you as a member has and have done, activity wise and if you have done Well you will be awarded the Caesar Award, it’s like the Member of the month. This Month I like to award Dazta the Ceasar Award for her efforts she has entered many comps and not only that has moved up a rank in the GMRG.WELL DONE. Competitions

Please go to the Competition, Page on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Main Site, there are many Comps that you can enter, one of which I be doing soon Lev’s Monthly Comps, which are interesting for you to do Flash games Fiction and I believe graphics as well, so if you want to get involved please do so,

There is also James’ Comp which is another interesting one, Celebrity Challenge.

And of course DLB wide comps too.

Members of Grey Wolf Battle Team

308 Master Anshar Kahn Tarentae

351 Adept Telona Murrage

974 Savant Jason Hunter

10484 Savant Caesar

4954 Mystic Altheseus Levathan

14283 Knight Dazta Delel

13116 Knight Garloaf

7907 Hunter Jarith Krasa

14396 Acolyte James Rajax

14299 Acolyte blackhawk

14604 Neophyte Ocarae

14461 Novice Philly

14566 Apprentice Jorgan Zait've

As you can see we are still thirteen, strong no-one IN no-one OUT, Good news Guys.

Ask the Battle Team Leader and Battle Sergant a Question.

Lev asked: What is the Future of the Grey Wolf Battle Team.


Thank you Lev for your question, it’s very simple to me Lev, continue our Clear and Open Communication, and Leadership we move forward with listening to our membership, and put forward our Leadership plan.

And most importantly, open up communication to your membership to discuss on a personal level what the membership wants where they want to be and help our membership, on all levels and continue our New Story Line with twists and turns, to develop our team.

And their Characters, I hope this answers your Great Question Lev.

Also Lev has asked: Will he get a Cookie

Answer is Yes: Lev you will get a Cookie, the ingredients for the Cookies are as follows, grab a Sith cut their finger off, mash the finger into bite size chunks, then grab a lighties eyes mix with the finger, add water salt and pepper, then use your saber to lightly toast some bread and mix, in the bowl add water Flour, and make sure the mixture is sticky, and warm then use your saber again and make sure the mixture, raises leave for an hour to set.

Pop in the oven, use a bolt and chain to secure your oven, to stop explosions from the Light and Dark Force which could cause this reaction , wait for a good hour unbolt the oven and take out of tin, and eat warm. Hope this answers your second Question Mr Lev.

Celebrate Star Wars Day This May

May The Fourth Be with You, my Fellow Grey’s and Light and Dark Followers of the Force.

Follow the link above I swear that you enjoy it I Promise

And Finally Welcome Back to Ocarae into the Grey Fold.

Until Next Time


Nice report Caesar!

Well done, Dazta, my student.

I am not giving up a finger so Lev can have his cookie!!! Nope, Nope, Nope!!!

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