Grey Wolf BTS Report 4


Grey Wolf BTS Report 4

Yes, I am still here

Sorry I'm late with this one. I'm not dead, I promise. I was just waiting for things.


For those who have been quite literally living under a rock, Aftermath is in full swing. If you have not been participating, change that immediately. For those who have been participating, keep at it. This is a very important event for Grey Wolf.

House Vitae

So, for those of you who have been lurking around telegram recently, you know that we are starting to work towards becoming a house again. There are still some talks that need to be had and steps we need to take, but participation in Aftermath will be a huge factor for us. In the time between now and the submission of our proposal, we will need all of you Grey Wolves to continue servimg the club the way you always have. Discission of everything related to the Grey house is open to everyone who wishes to get in on it.


Aftermath, participate New house, we are working on it Read for details


Our base building RO is still going, please post

Aftermath We need participation

You all have served us very well. I look forward to continued work with all of you. Enjoy the events. Help us become Tarentum's great second house.

Great report!

Great Report Blackhawk!!

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