Harbingers BTL Report - First in a long time


Harbingers BTL Report - First in a long time

Hello my Battleteam. First off I'd like to apologize for the large gap of time in between this report and my last one, I've been bad at writing these things. Anywho onwards to the reports about you people.

New Members

We have two new members since I last wrote a report. First it was Kooks, and then it was Ondur. Both members have been extremely active (my email has blown up).


Since joining our Battleteam Armags, Kooks, and Ondur have received promotions. Armags from being a Jedi Hunter to a Dark Jedi Knight. Kooks has gone from a Novice to a Protector. Ondur has gone from a Guardian to a Jedi Hunter in the short time being here.


  • OT Rathus - 3x Cluster of Ice, 1x Gold Nova
  • DJK Carissus - 5x Cluster of Fire, 1x
  • Crescent with Ruby Star
  • DJK Armags - 301x Cluster of Fire, 1x
  • Crescent with Sapphire Star, 1x Pendant of * Blood, 1x Steel Cross
  • PRT Kooks - 106x Cluster of Fire, 1x Dark Cross


The sign ups for the next phase of Fading Lights will begin on April 30th and end May 14th. The actual event will start on May 17th. So hurry up and go get qualified for the ACC.

  • ACC Prep: Creating Another's Aspect - A comp ran by Aiden Dru, in it you will be paired with someone else's character and you have to create an aspect for that character.

  • Creating the Harbingers' Motto - A comp ran by me. I'm still trying to make the motto for the BT, please help me by submitting to the comp. There is no real limit to how many mottos you can submit.

  • Wardens Weekly Puzzle #5 - Another comp ran by Aiden Dru. There is a link to a puzzle and you have to finish it and submit a screenshot.

  • Taldryan Gatekeeper Trials, April 2014 - A comp ran by our Proconsul. Play a lot of games and submit your gaming to this comp. Person with most CoFs win. Only PvP counts though.


With all that said. I'm glad to have activity in the BT, keep it up guys.!

Battleteam Leader: DJK Decimo Inferni

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