Headmaster Report: The one that gets dangerously close to devaluing an award


Headmaster Report: The one that gets dangerously close to devaluing an award

Headmaster Report Header

A report? Already?!

First, ignore any (more than usual) typos. I put a knife through a finger last night so typing has become a challenge.

Yeah, yeah. I said I wanted to get back to mid month reports, but the fact that I will be on LOA during a large chunk of February (which includes the middle of the month) that probably wouldn't work this month.

While I'm away Ood will be in charge... but this wont change anything because you're already cc'ing him on Shadow Academy emails aren't you (that's a hint, start CC'ing the P:HM.)

But wait! You're no allowed to leave!

Welp, it doesn't happen often. I'm taking the family over to Australia. For two of us it'll be the first time out of the country, so it's a bigger deal for them.

I wont have email or IRC access while away (like I said, Ood's your man!)


* Mav
    * Dark Maven - Leadership
    * Dark Savant - Leadership and Communication
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
    * Dark Sage - Law
* Xantros
    * Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
* Zednich
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
    * Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
* Condar
    * Dark Maven - General History
* Xen'Mordin
    * Dark Savant - Leadership and Communication
* Brimstone
    * Dark Maven - Writing
    * Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
* Aerin
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
* Anduriel
    * Dark Maven - Combat
* Yacks
    * Dark Savant - Tactics and Combat
    * Dark Maven - Writing
* Rangel
    * Dark Maven - General History
* Kant Lavar
    * Dark Maven - Flight
* Thorzan
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
* Mirado
    * Dark Maven - Writing
* Kalon
    * Dark Maven - Flight
* MUZ!
    * Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
* Dalthid
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
* Callus
    * Dark Maven - General History
* Adam Bolera
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
    * Dark Maven - Combat
* Dacian
    * Dark Maven - Philosophy
* Sauron
    * Dark Maven - General History

The Twitters

Twitter Logo

It was announced a while back that you could earn Scrolls of Indoctrination via Twitter. I'd like to thank Yacks, Halc and Howie for re-tweeting ALL THE THINGS. These guys all received 12 scrolls. Honestly, they probably earned more, but I cannot count that high... It also bumps Halc up to the point that he is now the proud owner of the most SoIs of anyone in the Brotherhood.

That award scheme... isn't sustainable. I've made a suggestion for how to change how Twitter activity is awarded, and that discussion is still on going. Xantros or Kalen will keep you posted on those changes.

As for the twitter account itself, we started the month with a little over 40 followers. We now have 172. We're slowly building relationships with other Star Wars and Sci-Fi blogs/podcasts/websites. It's been a fun experience.

Hearthstone: Heads-up

Hearthstone Icon

Hearthstone is in open beta now, meaning you can get it for yourself if you weren't already involved in the closed beta. You can see my previous news post for more info on getting it.

So why mention it again?

I'm determined to start running competitions for it, and if you're interested you may need to put in some time before it starts. For instance, if a competition were to involve "Arena Mode" you need to have unlocked all the characters and in order to that you may need to level up a character a little to unlock it's basic cards. This could take a couple of hours so would you prefer to do that now or be rushing to do it before the deadline of a comp?

Ask the HM

<@Halc|Away> Can I have a SI?

Is 12 not enough?!

<@KalenAFK> Can I have a Ruby Sceptre?

Are you the person I have to bribe to get one?

<Aerin> Is there going to be a degree for those who pass the lighty cores?

There will be something, I'm not entirely sure what yet. I think we may need more "light side" courses first, what form they take is still being decided.

<Aerin> What sorts of updates can we expect with the SAS?

I'm sure Borxir and Muz will occasionally add a new little present into the accessory options. One day you may also see it tie into other systems (note, not other societies, don't worry...)

<Aerin> Are there any new courses youre developing?

Geez you're on fire today. Yes there are. From memory you'll see new/reworked leadership courses, expanded offerings in regards to communications (What the hell is a Hangout?) and I'm working on a series covering Google Drive!

<Ernordeth> What's the status of gaming JM hall courses?

In the works! Somewhere between the initial idea and final proof reading ;)


Adding onto the answer for Aerin:

Communications will also cover IRC, with specific courses for each set of operating systems (windows/mac/.../mobile IRC (recall a year ago, I started a discussion on the forum I think about what you wanted the IRC course to cover?)). We'll also include basic JM hall courses for IRC and forums (just explaining how to get to us for new members).

The leadership courses will be completely altered and ripped apart to become shorter and more practical-oriented. we'll have courses on managing a unit, writing reports, reccs and so on. Stay tuned, we should have those ready by april at the latest (unless i break something).

Also, sorry for bad spelling. I sprained my left middle finger when a bookcase i was moving landed on it. Luckily no bone broken/shattered, nor was anything ground into a pulp. just some pain and effort to get stuff typed.

Apparently the Shadow Academy is prone to appendage injuries..............

The SA is doomed!

Good report

How about a degree for lore? There's tons of sa lore tests, we should have a thespian degree for it

Just downloaded the hearthstone beta now Solari :)

Hope you enjoy Australia!

Here's a radical idea for the SIs!
Hard-capping the amount someone can earn from twitter to x each month :P

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