Headmistress Report


Headmistress Report


A word from the Shadow Academy on student accomplishments, a new Magistrate, an upcoming competition series and a trivia survey.

Student Highlights

Our professors highlighted two students for the quantity and quality of their work in the Shadow Academy in the past month:

Acolyte Czarnian of Clan Scholae Palatinae, who joined the Brotherhood less than a month ago and has already reached the rank of Scribe in the Shadow Academy Society, completing 47 courses and earning six degrees!

Hunter Quentinshadows of Clan Naga Sadow, who has completed 67 courses and 11 degrees, including a Dark Sage of History of Lore, and racked up enough courses in October to earn second place in the decathlon.

Constructing DJKs

The past month also saw two members elevated to the milestone rank of Knight:

Click on their names above to read their promotion recommendations from their units and take a moment to congratulate them both! :)

Decathlon Winners

The Shadow Academy’s October Decathlon concluded with the following students in the top of the class:

Congratulations to the winners! If you want to compete for November, just start taking Shadow Academy courses that award at least 1 academic credit (AC) – no need to subscribe!

New Magistrate

First of all, thank you to everyone who put in an application for the open Magistrate position. As you may have gathered by now, I decided to bring on Augur Xantros of CSP to fill the role. Xantros has worked with the Shadow Academy before and was actually already working on a series of new courses that we’re planning to bring you soon, so I’m excited to work with him again and think you all will enjoy some of the ideas he has planned.

Trivia Survey

As part of this Magistrate’s role as the keeper and hyper of Star Wars lore, Xantros has taken on the mantle of trivia competition host, the first of which he hosted last weekend in the #trivia channel on Discord. Congratulations to Battlemaster Qormus Aquila and Warlord Archangel Palpatine on their first and second place finishes!

In an effort to give as many people a chance to participate in live trivia as we can, we’ve put together a quick Google survey to gauge the best times, as well as collect topic requests. We may not be able to accommodate everyone, but we will try to vary times between the most frequent responses we get in this survey, so please take a moment to reply if you know you’d like to participate in trivia.

Upcoming Competition Series

In addition to trivia, Xantros will be helping the Shadow Academy launch a new Mysteries Explained series of competitions that will take place monthly to highlight and explore some of the more obscure facets of Star Wars lore from canon and legends alike. These will include a variety of competition types, so be sure to be on the lookout for the first of these to begin in the next week.

Course Updates

Competitions 102: Gaming has been updated to reflect the addition of the casual gaming queue.

We have a number of new courses we’re working to bring to the membership right now, with about four very near completion, so if you’re running out of courses to take for that decathlon, don’t worry – they’re on the way!


good job

Well done Czarnian and quentinshadows. Also looking forward to seeing what ideas Xantros has being brought to fruition.

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