Headmistress Report: New Professor, Trivia & More


Headmistress Report: New Professor, Trivia & More


A report to celebrate students and herald the arrival of a new professor, a new way to ask questions of the Shadow Academy staff and … most importantly, of Star Wars Day trivia!

Student Highlights

No major exam highlights this report, though I did receive word that someone wants to run a competition about pranking the Headmistress. ;)

Milestone Achievements

Congratulations to Essik Lyccane, Aru Law and Tali Sroka, who reached the highest rank in the Shadow Academy Society in March and April! Don’t poke out any eyes with those shiny Sith swords. Well, unless they deserve it, of course.

Meanwhile, Alexander DelGotto earned a Dark Sage of History & Lore! That’s a lot of Star Wars trivia knowledge.

Decathlon Winners

March Decathlon Winners

April Decathlon Winners

In addition to winning the decathlon for April, Qormus has submitted a number of error reports to the Shadow Academy and has been working to help identify some troublesome exam question formats, so an extra shout out and thanks to you, Qormus!

New Leadership Professor

The Shadow Academy has completed its search for a new professor of the Leadership, Law & Communications Department and welcomes Warlord Bentre Sadow! Bentre brings a wealth of both leadership and communication experience to the role, as both a Consul and Tribune (wiki courses!), as well as previous service to the Shadow Academy as a professor and magistrate.

This department will see a major overhaul in the coming months, so I’m pleased to have someone with that level of relevant experience take up the reigns and excited to work with Bentre to see that through. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who applied for this position – you gave some valuable insight in your application responses that we'll definitely be keeping in mind as we work to revitalize this department!

Ask the Headmistress

In an effort to ensure our new members have a multitude of ways to get their questions answered, Magistrate Aru Law suggested we begin using #AskTheHeadmistress as a way for members to easily get the attention of SA staff when they have questions about the Shadow Academy.

I want members to feel at ease contacting me or my staff by email or directly via Telegram, but if you can’t find someone to answer your question immediately – add #AskTheHeadmistress to your inquiry in DB Telegram chats. Aru (as the new member magistrate and idea-originator!) and others on staff will monitor this and work to get you an answer as soon as possible.

May the Fourth Trivia

The month of May brings us Star Wars Day, so we decided to postpone April’s end-of-the-month trivia to celebrate May the Fourth with you for a special edition of Shadow Academy trivia!

You can get all the details from the competition page, but the long and short of it is that the Shadow Academy will be hosting general Star Wars trivia in the DB General Chat on Telegram on May the 4th at 7 PM site time.

We’re using the trivia bot – and Telegram has blessed us with a new web version that actually plays nice with the bot, so you can try that if you don’t like the desktop or mobile apps.


Trivia, mmmmmm

That trivia will be a bit early for me, but good luck everyone!

I assure you that was purely academical...but...if it somehow were to manifest into a competition I don’t think people would be upset.

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