Herald Report #1: Going off with a Bang


Herald Report #1: Going off with a Bang


Hello There! And welcome to my first Report as Herald of the Brotherhood. I will try to keep this report as short as possible as I plan to release reports on a mostly monthly schedule at the beginning of each month and that for, let's get to business:


Vendetta Dossier Skins

Building up on the Regent's recent Regent Supplemental 2.3, the Herald staff has prepared dossier skins for each party from the recent Vendetta:

Made by Kris aka Sven Rawioni comes the Revenant A-12 Blaster Pistol (available to the members who pledged themselves to the Retributionists)

Revenant A-12 Blue Revenant A-12 Green Revenant A-12 Purple Revenant A-12 Red Revenant A-12 Black

Made by Rian comes the Revenant A-15 Blaster Rifle (available to the members who pledged themselves to the Expansionists)

Revenant A-15 Arctic Revenant A-15 Dark Revenant A-15 Elite Revenant A-15 Forest Revenant A-15 Merc

Also made by Rian, the Principate Decoy Beacon (available to the members who pledged themselves to the Restorers)

Principate Decoy Beacon Light Principate Decoy Beacon Elite Principate Decoy Beacon Dark

Another one made by Rian, the Principate Language Decoder (available to the members who pledged themselves to the Harmonists)

Principate Language Decoder Light Principate Language Decoder Elite Principate Language Decoder Dark

And last but not least the final one made by Rian, the Principate Kyber-Powered Vibrodagger (also available to the members who pledged themselves to the Harmonists)

Kyber-powered Vibrodagger Arctic Kyber-powered Vibrodagger Dark Kyber-powered Vibrodagger Forest Kyber-powered Vibrodagger Merc Kyber-powered Vibrodagger Gray


Custom Membership Dossier Skins:

With the work finished on the Vendetta rewards, the staff has resumed work on custom requested membership skins.

Made by Aylin Sajark:

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

Made by Kris aka Sven Rawioni:

Bentre Sadow

Kris was also responsible for the Report graphics for Revak Kur as Consul of Clan Odan-Urr.

Made by Xolarin:

Gui Sol Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Edema R'uh-Kalinor Mune Cinteroph Cadmus Drake Teebu Nyrrire

Made by Rian:

Revak Kur


Policy Updates

Avatar Guideline changes

Before she stepped down, Alaisy has made a change to the Avatar guidelines that I only recently been made aware of. With the Mandalorian TV-show implementing the mandalorian way of those inducted into Deathwatch never taking off their helmets, the aspect of an Avatar image having to show a members face without helmet or other gear will be removed from the criteria for approval on the Avatar Guidelines.

Brotherhood Art Channel on Discord

Recently during the transition phase before the official switch to Discord as the Brotherhood's main communication platform, the question came up as to what sort of images are allowed to be posted in the art channel and what not. That for, additionally to the general Dark Brotherhood Chat Policy, the Herald staff will enforce the following policy:

As per the site guidelines, a PG-13 standard is to be maintained for images shared within the Art channel. Any other image should be shared behind a Spoiler tag and paired with a warning. As the standard for PG-13 can vary from person to person, ask yourself "would I show this to a 13 year old?" before posting an image.

Members will not be sanctioned or reprimanded for sharing art that doesn't meet another individual's "PG-13 standard" except in instances of nudity or gratuitous gore/violence/harm.



Well that's it for the moment. There are a lot of interesting things up and coming in the near future that I won't reveal as of now so make sure to keep an eye on my future reports, until next time.


Great report, Rian. Can’t wait to see all you do as Herald!

Great report

That vibrodagger 😲

Big thanks again for the report graphics and lightsaber, came out awesome!

Nice art indeed, good to know on policy.

Those are some nice vibro daggers and sweet set of lightsabers. :)

Nice report, boss!

Great work by the entire Herald staff.

Finally! #TeamRian

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