Herald report #11: Under pressure


Herald report #11: Under pressure



Exams! All the exams...ehhh...appropriate song :P

Welcome to the 11th Herald report (well, my 11th anyway). Hope you like it ;)


Pressure pushing down on me pressing down on you, no man ask for



Leaving Staffer

I would personally like to thank Rhiann, a long time Staff member, for all her work in the Office. She recently decided to step down and vacate a position. She has also recently been promoted and her contribution to the staff are listed in her recommendations.

Thank you for your service, Rhi.

New Magistrate!

With that said, we have appointed a new Magistrate to replace Rhiann.

I welcome everyone to congratulate Solas Night-Thorn of Tarentum on his appointment to Magistrate of the Herald. It was a hard decision as several good applicants gave us their portfolios, but Solas has several skills that will be instrumental to the Staff in the coming months. He'll have plenty of opportunities to show off his skills pretty soon.

Congrats Solas. Welcome to the Staff. :)


Under pressure that burns a building down


New Herald competitions

The Herald's staff will feature two competitions for the foreseeable future. These two are:

The Herald Monthly trivia will be held on the 15th of every moth in the DB Art Club (link below). The Sketch Something! comp will be held in the same channel every 5th and 20th of the month. Both competitions will last for 6 months. Do read them and enjoy :D

Possessions: An Update

Now that December ended and we have some more free time on our hands (so to speak) the Staff as a whole will focus more on standing projects (Possessions among them) and not so much on new releases. A couple of new things will come in February as part of the new release system in place instead of Herald Style Hanukkah.

I hope to have a lot more for you guys next time, but suffice to say we are working on it. :)


Splits a family in two puts people on streets


Warbanners, Custom Weapons and Requests

Let’s start with:

Custom Weapons

From left to right we have:

By Arcia:

  • Talon's hilt

  • Etah's dual hilts

  • Fenn's blaster

By A'lora (non-staffer):

  • Mako's updated single saber


By Arcia:

  • Solas Night-Thorn

  • Corinna Magarin

  • Fenn

  • Ra'gnar

Graphics Requests

None this month. RL kept us busy.


None this month. RL kept us busy.




There’s a Form for that

DB Art Community Telegram Group

If you’re interested in joining the TG group and sharing your art, be sure to click the image below:


Ask the Herald

Esca asks: #AsktheHerald - What all customizations can members get on their custom weapons (guns and blades, not sabers)? To elaborate - Aside from just the offered "mods."

This one is meant for the general membership (obviously Esca knows the answer already :P)

Melee weapons are the same as sabers. Fully custom and fully your own choice. Just send us an example image of what you want and describe in detail how the weapon should look like.

The ranged weapons are much the same except they're based on Star Wars canon guns. So for example if you choose to have Han Solo's iconic DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, you will not that on the request form and then write a detailed description how you want it changed.

These changes can be anything you can imagine, from changing the color of the metal, adding damage, adding camo covering, cloth, leather, customizing your weapon with additional buttons, lights, panels, and even changing existing details on a gun to an extent, like adding more detail to specific areas to make it truly unique.

  • You want to modify your scope mod to look like you want it to look? Sure, just describe what you want.

  • You want to add leather wraps to your grip? By all means, describe what kind of leather, what color, etc.

  • You want additional shiny buttons, panels, wires or some other things to make the weapon look like it was built of junk? Of course you can. Describe what you want, give us a reference image and we'll do it.

  • You see where I'm going with this? If you're confused, you can always ask me on Telegram or e-mail and I will help you, without exception.

The only real difference between Sabers, melee weapons and ranged weapons is the fact that the ranged weapons are based on Star Wars canon guns. The customization options remain the same.


Locke asks: #AsktheHerald I think you mentioned before that HSH would not be a thing in the future and that there would be more general releases throughout the year. Could you elaborate on that?

As I've said before Herald Style Hanukkah simply too too much time considering the rest of our projects and tasks. So this year and further new releases will come every two months starting in late February. February, April, June, August, October (Halloween special), December (Christmas special) will all have a release of Selector items for the general membership. This kind of system allows us to spread our workload throughout the year and puts less pressure on our other projects.

Delak asks: #asktheherald was it difficult choosing a new herald staff rep?

It always is. Several very good artists applied and I had to weigh what I need them to do and what skills they have. Each artist has very specific skills and I have to judge what they will be used for. generally speaking artists with the most broad scope usually win out. This time Solas did. Next time, who knows?

Turel asks: #AsktheHerald - If you were to make a graphics society similar to SA, GMRG and INQ, what would it be called and what kinds of activity would contribute to advancement within it?

I have no idea about the name. Honestly that's entirely irrelevant right now. The Art Society, if ever implemented, will probably rise from the Art Club and will involve activities to promote and advance artwork and graphics in general in the Brotherhood. The Office will start working more actively on this in the coming months to flesh out a proposal for the DC to review. Honestly, I don't expect any major developments until the summer, at least, but we'll see.

Mako asks: #AsktheHerald with possessions coming closer to going live every day, how will requesting a custom weapon work in the possessions system?

Nothing will change in this respect. You will still be able to unlock certain perks when advancing through ranks. The weapons will, however, be handled as possessions within the system. how exactly is a question for the Voice.

Cable asks: #AskTheHerald Do you plan to make many, if any, changes to the way NFU custom weapons work, thinking along the lines of the way they are currently 'assembled'.

Yes. Several changes to the system are being reviewed at the moment. I'll elaborate more on this in my next report. The thing is that it's a new system that is still being modified as we go. So far so good, however we are under the impression that members don't really know what they can or cannot add to their weapons, as I explained in Esca's question earlier. These changes that we will implement will work towards making it far easier for members to assemble and customize their weapons. Stay tuned for more.

Sa Ool: asks: #AsktheHerald what exactly do you look for from the members when they request a custom saber?

Some sort of description of what you would like, maybe a reference image to a certain saber model you like and would want, or maybe just some details on a saber you would want, really. If you need help choosing, contact me directly via e-mail or Telegram and I'll help out as best as I can. :)

Sa Ool asks: #AsktheHerald what exactly do you look for from the members when they request a custom saber?

Some sort of description of what you would like, maybe a reference image to a certain saber model you like and would want, or maybe just some details on a saber you would want, really. If you need help choosing, contact me directly via e-mail or Telegram and I'll help out as best as I can. :)

Erno asks: #asktheherald Are you going to start charging credits for services rendered when possessions comes out? :p

Probably not. I'm personally against it as it may overwhelm the Herald's staff with too many and too frequent requests. The perk system we have in place is much more stable and easy to maintain, so I don't imagine we will change it.

Locke asks: #asktheherald Can I use credits to purchase custom robes when possessions comes out?

No. Read up. :P

Kah asks: #AsktheHerald will there more opportunities to earn custom things through competitions in the future?

Yes. Another competition for a Custom Robe will be coming soon, so stay tuned :)

Mako asks: #AsktheHerald What is your favorite type of image to create?

One I'm doing to make someone smile.

Sa Ool asks: #AsktheHerald can we use a sappling from you to make a ship like in Tenchi Muyo?

The what now? :P

Mako asks: #AsktheHerald Do you want to build a snowman?

Snow melted :(

Wally asks: #asktheherald Hey, Vyr...


Commission artists and Artist Feature

Every report I will present an artist from various sites on the internet that do commission work. You can directly contact them through their contacts on these pages:

This time it's KaRolding who has already completed several commissions for several of our members, and is open for more. Check out his devArt page for info:

Closing word

February incoming. New comps from the Herald's office and also a bit of a slow month for us as exams start. We'll mostly be focusing on day-to-day stuff, Possessions and the late February releases for you guys ;)

Hope you enjoyed the news. As always...

See you Space Cowboys. ;)

Queen - Under Pressure


Nice report!

A lot of really good questions for you to answer :)

Digging the "Featured Question" addition. :p Congratulations Solas and welcome to the team!

Congrats to Solas! Always loving the art on display.

Sa Ool can come hang with me. We'll figure out how to get ourselves a treeship!

Great stuff contained! Congrats, Solas!

Awesome stuff, love the song, love all the pics and congrats to Solas!

Congrats Solas can't wait to see some wonderful art come from you.

Great report!

Congrats Solas :)



Awww, I thought I might have been too late for #AskTheHerald, although I think my question may have been answered anyway.

Thanks for your service Rhiann/Emily, your robes are the best! Congrats Solas!

Rhi is love also life.

Congratz Solas!

Grats, Solas!

Nice report good sirs. I love the production.

Also: Queen <3

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