Herald Report #23: Beast In Black


Herald Report #23: Beast In Black



Evening space cowboys.!

"The Great Jedi War is already in Phase II at this point and you didn't post your report yet, Vyr? What's wrong with you?"

In my defence I was waiting for stuff. I hope what I present here will remedy my alck of posting lately.

Table of Contents

Great jedi War XII Retribution

As I said, GJW XII is already in Phase II and boy is it eventfull (hue) and submissionfull (that one doesn't really work). I'd like to talk about some of the specifics from my side of the front.

To start with...

...I'd like to say thanks to you guys who participated in Phase I graphics comps. We've had 149 unique participants and entries to those two comps and it gave me a headache grading all of them. In fact, it still does since I haven't finished yet.

But, that's the beauty of this competition.The more you post and make my job more difficult, the better event it is. So give me more entries! Feed meh! :P

The Seal of Retribution

Let me just put this out and you judge it for yourself...

The seal is based on traditional looks from GJWs past, with a dash of new. I hope you enjoy the shiney. :)

Phase II and Event long graphics competitions

Remember to participate in Event long comps for those bonus braging rights if you win.

Do all the things!


October 2017 release

First release of this year. Hope you guys enjoy the new skins.


Item 1: BlasTech SE-14 Blaster Pistol - Available for JM4+

Item 2: A180 Blaster Pistol - Available for JM4+

Item 3: KYD-21 Blaster Pistol - Available for JM4+

Item 4: Fulcrum (Dual) - Available for EQ3+

Item 5: Insurgent (Single) - Available for JM4+

Item 6: Divergent (Single) - Available for EQ1+


Brotherhood Graphics Survey

Everyone loves surveys! Not really, but this one is necessary.

We've created a survey that you can fill in and, hopefully, influence what way future graphics in the Club move forward. We're looking for honest opinions, so type in anything you can think of that you consider important.


Warbanners, Custom Robes, Custom Weapons and Requests

Let’s start with:

Custom Weapons

By Rian:

  • Alara Deathbane
  • Raiju Kang
  • Rian Taldrya
  • Dek Ironius II
  • Firith'rar
  • Tisto Kingang
  • Edema R'uh-Kalinor
  • Arvalis Raith
  • Rhylance
  • Gaius Julius Caesar

By Vyr:

  • Zujenia
  • Marcus Kiriyu
  • Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu
  • Maenaki Dalevi'in

By C'ree:

  • Rax Von-Klug

By Bale

  • Reiden Karr
  • Sevarus Thaad
  • Ronovi Tavisaen

Custom Robes

By Rian:

  • Kookimarissia Mimosa


By Mako:

  • Edgar
  • Levi
  • Dolash
  • Juliana Kelurne
  • Arcia
  • Ryu Suoh
  • Varuk Kru
  • Wolfe Whitehorn
  • Kenath Zoron
  • Tisto Kingang
  • Erik Cato *Alaris Jinn
  • Bentre Stahoes
  • Edema R'uh-Kalinor
  • Braylan Dorne *Mune Cinteroph
  • Sylvia Arztin

By Nero

  • Kojiro Keibatsu
  • Magik
  • James Malum

By Vyr:

  • Teu Sadow
  • Azmodius
  • Kylex
  • Alara
  • Satsi

Graphics Requests

By Rian:

  • Thanadd Mawgath: Quaestor / House Mortis
  • Kojiro Keibatsu : Quaestor / House Marka Ragnos
  • Raiju Kang: Quaestor / House Imperium
  • Maximus Alvinius: Aedile / House Satele Shan

By Vyr:

  • Braecen Kaeth: Quaestor / House Excidium
  • Ranarr Kul: Quaestor / House Liath
  • Lexiconus Qor: Quaestor / House Imperium
  • Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes: Proconsul / Clan Naga Sadow


There’s a Form for that

DB Art Community Telegram Group

If you’re interested in joining the TG group and sharing your art, be sure to click the image below:


Ask the Herald

Wally asked: #asktheherald will the Voice be able to use some of the character art created for the GJW event for Collective character sheets and wiki articles? :D

If the Voice gets permission, sure :P

Follow up: #asktheherald how does the Voice go about that :p

#askthemember :P (i.e. using member submissions on the wiki requires member approval)

Zujenia asked: #AsktheHerald. If an interested artist drafts up an outfit idea or several for the populace that the Herald staff nd the members like, would the Herald staff digitize it should the artist not have the means too.

If it fits into our theme for a particular release, sure. But I can't promise we will. We'll probably do a member-driven release at least once.

A'lora asks: Followup #asktheherald How are release themes determined, or is it just based off of what a members of the Herald staff decides on while making a new robe?

We try to follow specific shows/episodes of shows/movies. So December will always be a movie theme. If there is a particularly interesting outfit in Rebels, we may go with that theme. Otherwise I usually determine a theme based on what we need.

Zujenia asks: #AsktheHerald Would we ever see some not horribly feminized poses for the women clothing images? (They're all beautiful, but gosh that pose is aggressively 'feminine')

If you suggest a pose/paper doll I'll consider it :)

Edema asks: #AsktheHerald do we have a list of the vehicles used by the Collective to refer too? I tried going via possessions, but got lost

Best to look at their Possessions page, but you're not limited to that

Follow up: So I can pick any canon vehicle that would fit their fluff and draw it as a collective version?

Essentially, yes.

Tarvitz asks: I have one serious one please. #AsktheHerald - With The Battle of Nancora. may I ask how many liberties we are allowed to take? Sorry, by that I mean does this need to be the entire battle, a few units across a portion of it, or even just a symbolic duel between two combatants?

It has to be a landscape picture. The focus should be on a wider view that a duel, for example. Beyond that you're free to do as you please.

Zujenia asks: #AsktheHerald Would the staff consider hosting hangouts where we play themed concept drawing games like the drawfy channel does on youtube? those with the ability to paricitpate can pop in for the challenge.

[In reply to Zujenia Kait] I would but, unfortunately, the difference in timezones means many people won't participate. I've tried Hangout and streaming. neither have really worked well due to timezones :/ It's not really realistic until we get more active artists and make a free platform out of "hangouts". I.e. I don't have to be there to host and people can just join and draw for fun


Commission artists and Artist Feature

This report, and several of the ones to come, I would like to feature Brotherhood artists.

This time it's: Alara Deathbaneh. Check out the devArt page, like, share, enjoy, talk to her about it. Our artists are awesome and they need support. Next time I’ll feature someone else.

Alara's latest work (so cool xD):

Closing word

That’s it for now, folks. This is your friendly neighborhood Herald, signing out.

See you, space cowboys!

BEAST IN BLACK - Beast In Black


Dat seal though .

Like the seal. Working on landscapes!

Ooo, lovely art, Alara!!!

Some BAMF customs!

This GJW XII has been pretty amazeballs! I am so stoked for the rest of these competitions.

Also, I love the seal!

Nice looking seal! Also looking forward to competing in the Phase II comp.

My gah... Those Ahsoka-inspired hilts. Drool.

I like the seal, I like the new weapons, the custom weapons...the...the...what is not to like?

Awwhh! Thank you for the feature <3 #feelsspecial Been really appreciating our art community as of late -- so helpful and supportive to all members! Great art-ing, great seal, and great things to come as well :)

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