Herald's Holiday Special: Day 3


Herald's Holiday Special: Day 3

The Death Star's shine on top of new-fallen snow

Gave a mid-day sparkle to objects below.

When all at once their wondering eyes should behold,

A giant bag and a tree-woman with eyes of gold.

With a eight mighty vornskr and a sleigh to carry the tree,

They knew in a moment only the Herald this could be.

Quicker than speeders the vornskr they came,

As she whistled, and whispered, and called them by name!


Day 3!

We're getting there. Enjoy the goodies :)


Item 1: Blastech DL-18 blaster pistol

Oldie but goodie, this is an upgraded version to the old DL-18 graphic. Available to all, JM4 and above.

Item 2: Blastech DC-15 blaster rifle

Clone Wars era tech. 'Bit outdated, to be sure, but sturdy and no less deadly. Available to all, JM4 and above.

Item 3: Ryyk Blades

Ryyk blades were made famous by the ferocious warriors from the Wookiee homeworld. These weapons are available to all Non-Force sensitives, EQ1 and up.


Item 4: Iron Legion Officer's uniform

Another addition for the new movie, with a twist. The official Iron Legion officer's uniforms come in 80 different combinations, with or without the Dark Brotherhood logo. Available to all JM4 and up.

Item 5: Republic Officer's uniform

Made by: Selika Roh

These colorful uniform come in two different styles: Officer and Trooper. There are 48 different combinations to choose from and they are limited to Non-Force Users ranks JM4 and above.


That's Day 3. Stay tuned for more...tomorrow ;)

Awesome! I think the wookie blades are the best today!

Ooooh, nice Ryyk blades.. and the uniforms... omg!!

The Herald is arguably far underappreciated, Thank you!

Admiral Zorrixor would have approved of those uniforms. Very, very cool indeed.

Mmmmmmmm eye candy.

I am sad the Wookie blades are NFU only. All goof stuff though, fair free lady!

You're making it very hard to be a Force user :P

What about force using wooks? They should have access to these blades.

That's like telling a vong he can't use his ampstaff

Technically they can still use them in the ACC and fiction as they see fit, no one can prevent that nor should they. However we purposefully limited these to NFUs to give them something unique. FUs have lightsabers, NFUs have fancy blades.

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