Herald's Holiday Special: Day 5


Herald's Holiday Special: Day 5


Day 5!

Hope you guys are enjoying the goodies so far. Only three more days left.


Item 1: Blastech DH-17 blaster pistol

One of the most commonly used blasters in the galaxy, and a very popular choice for most militaries. It is also one of the most iconic weapons in the Star Wars saga and is first shown when Darth Vader first steps on the Tantive IV in "A New Hope". Available to all JM4 and above.

Item 2: Blastech DL-22 blaster pistol

A weapon from legends finds its way onto this list. This clunky but funky lookin' blaster is available to all Non-Force Users ranks JM4 and up.

Item 3: "Lance" lightsaber

Made by: Selika Roh

The Lance is an elegant hilt that comes in 5 styles and 6 blade colors. Available to Force-users ranks JM4 and up.


Item 4: "Cronus" Armor

Made by: Selika Roh

I don't know what Slagar was thinking when he made this armor, but it looks badass :P Available only to Force-Users ranks EQ1 and above.

Item 5: "Warden" robes

Can't really call them robes, can I? Flightsuit? BDU? Causal clothing? Whatever the case the Warden robes are available to all Non-Force users ranks EQ1 and above.


End of day 5, folks. We're nearing the end. Expect a large report on the 25th ;)

More Soon™


Great guns! Sweet robes!


Those are all super awesome!

Holy macaroni with cheese! That's just.. glorious..

Nightingale Armor from Skyrim?

Nightingale Armor from Skyrim?

Not really, no. I think it's based off of the Klingon armor from Star Trek. Slags can confirm or deny :P

These look fantastic, though the Warden ones disappoint me because as a Warden, I cannot wear Warden robes. :P

Yes you can :P Change your path, put them on, change back again...I mean what? :P

....I like your devious nature.

the black saber is sweet

Everything today is amazing. EVERYTHING. AMAZING.

Given that one of my running gags is that I'll get promoted to EQ1 about the time Earth's sun goes nova, I can honestly say that I've never wanted to destroy the world more.

Perfect for my Birthday. Thanks all for creating these. I can't wait to change my dossier robes and lightsaber every few seconds :P

[Seriously though, I love the work.]

Any new dual sabers for eq1 coming :)

Any new dual sabers for eq1 coming :)

No. EQ1 only get the Armory dual lightsabers, much like JM1 only get the Armory Single Lightsaber. More dual sabers open up at EQ2.

Sweet sexy flightsuits.

Not really, no. I think it's based off of the Klingon armor from Star Trek. Slags can confirm or deny :P

The shape of some of the armor plates were inspired by that, yes. The style ended up diverging quite far from the original source material as they morphed into a set for Force Users exclusively. :)

Very nice!

I like. Those lightsabers are sexy.

I like everything I see.

Selects new lightsaber


So when do these items become available in the Lightsaber Construction Menu?

immediately, assuming you meet the requirements of rank and Non-Force/Force user parameters. I already have the Lance lightsaber on my dossier.

Weird I meet some of the requirements but the new Lightsabers and blasters don't show up for some reason

Lightsabers won't show up until you're a Knight (JM4). The only things available to you at the moment are the fancy robes.

Oh then why does it say "available to all JM1 and above"?

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